“Seems like a fair price.” Marion Cligner was questioned by a colleague in Paris on the bonus granted to the first winner of the Paris-Roubaix cycling race, but he did not cut back.

Rex Runner and president of the French Cycling Association Decourt (AFCC) understands why Briton Lizzie Dignan, the first woman to win the “Lanfer Dunor” pavement on Saturday, only received a bonus of € 1,535. In the end, under dire circumstances, his counterpart Sonny Colbrelli, winner of the men’s event, received almost 20 times the money (30,000 euros).

A huge gap linked only to the winner: Marianne Vos, the Dutchwoman after Deignan, touched € 1,135, and Florian Vermeesch left the track with € 22,000 in his pocket.

The total donation was € 90,000 for men, compared to € 7,005 for women.

“It’s clear it’s great to have the first Paris-Roubaix woman, but we can’t accept anything. Can we still be there in 2021? ”Said Marion Clignet.

Without claiming equal pay for equal work, she remembers how difficult it is for most female protons to live in the discipline, unlike men.

“Men don’t need a race prize to live. This is important for a lot of women who receive very low wages, ”said Marion Clignet.

To reduce the premium gap, ASO wants new sponsors to arrive between next editions. Organizer is to discuss as follows: 1.4 million viewers took part in the women’s race on Saturday, or 15.5% audience share.

Ref: https://francenewslive.com