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Eoghan Moloney

HSE boss Paul Reid confirmed that the ransomware hit all national and local systems this morning.

Mr. Reid described the attack as a “serious” and “subtle” attempt at that The HSE’s IT system to be breached.

The HSE is supported by cybersecurity experts, as well as Gardaí, the armed forces and the government.

Mr Reid said that life-saving devices in hospitals are not affected by the attack and that it is largely an IT system problem.

“Our first priority is to contain the problem. This is a very serious incident for us. In the course of the morning we will have more clarity about the impact, “he told Morning Ireland of RTE.

There is a significant ransomware attack on the HSE IT systems. We have shut down all of our IT systems as a precaution in order to protect you from this attack and to be able to fully assess the situation with our own security partners.

The HSE shuts down most of its IT systems as part of a process to collect and protect information.

The Rotunda maternity hospital in Dublin had to cancel many routine appointments due to IT problems.

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“Due to a serious IT problem, all outpatient visits are canceled today – unless you are 36 weeks pregnant or later,” tweeted the hospital.

Rotunda Critical Emergency Due to a serious IT problem all outpatient visits will be canceled today – unless you are 36 weeks pregnant or later. All gynecology clinics are canceled today. If you have an urgent concern, please attend as usual. More updates will follow.

In a tweet, the hospital added, “If you have urgent concerns, please attend as usual.”

Rotunda Master Prof. Fergal Malone said the hospital could do without the IT systems work but decided to cancel most of the appointments as throughput is much slower without IT.

“All patients in the hospital are safe and care is unaffected. However, we ask people with appointments not to attend today unless clearly necessary or if you are 36 weeks pregnant, ”said Prof. Malone on RTÉ Morning Ireland.

Prof. Malone said that all machines in the hospital are up and the problem is with the information gathering IT systems. “We have a very common system across the HSE for registering patients and it seems that this was the entry point,” said Prof. Malone.

The hospital urged people not to attend routine appointments as a precaution and emphasized that “all patients are safe”.

Prof. Malone said the rotunda learned in the early hours of the morning that their systems had been hit by a Conti ransomware attack.

This type of ransomware is known for the speed and efficiency with which it operates encrypts and distributes a target system.

Conti is human-operated and is known as ransomware with double blackmail because it encrypts the information but threatens to reveal it.

The gang behind the Conti ransomware has information about More than 180 attacks published on an online news site since the malware was first discovered in 2020.

An HSE spokesman said: “There is a significant ransomware attack on HSE IT systems. We have all of ours as a precaution IT systems shut down to protect them from this attack and to allow our own security partners to fully assess the situation.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this patients and the public, and will provide more information as it becomes available.




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