Changes in taxpayers’ situation can push them above the housing tax exemption scale. Verdict in October 2021.

Tick-tock, tick-tock … The days of the housing tax are numbered. Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise in 2017, the elimination of this tax is approaching slowly but surely. If it is to disappear definitively for main residences in 2023, it has already been greatly reduced since 80% of taxpayers will not have to pay it in 2021.

This concerns households whose reference tax income (RFR) does not exceed 27,761 euros for a part of the family quotient. An amount increased by 8,225 euros for the next two half-shares, then by 6,169 euros per half-share.

Rest assured, a fixed partial exemption of 30% in 2021 (followed by 65% ​​in 2022 and 100% in 2023) from the housing tax will be applied.

The notices, which will be sent by La Poste “during October”, according to the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP), or posted on October 1 for non-monthly households, and October 20 for monthly taxpayers, could be reserved. some surprises.

Taxpayers exempt in 2020 may have to pay it in 2021. No circumstance behind this change, it can be explained by a change in situation.

The abolition of the housing tax is granted on a means-tested basis, according to an established and known scale. If the taxpayer’s RFR increases (following a marriage, divorce, departure of a child, etc.) this year compared to 2020, then it is possible to go back above the exemption scale.

This logic is valid in the other direction, the taxpayers who will have seen their RFR lower this year could be exempted if they had paid it last year.

#immobilier: The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery specified in a response that people exempt from housing tax for a main residence could not also be for a second residence https : //

Asked by last January, the DGFiP was counting on 800,000 households that could see their situation change. A figure difficult to establish as the changes are so diverse.

However, it should be noted that a specific exemption is provided for people over the age of 60, widows and widowers with income conditions, who live with an unemployed child and have low income.

The abolition of the housing tax does not concern the TV license which is usually attached with it. In 2021, it is set at 138 euros for the metropolis and 88 euros for the overseas departments, the same amounts as in 2020.

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