Joining the cast of a series that has been in place for more than 10 years is not easy. Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx, new to Scenes from households, will find out with the airing of their first episodes on August 23. The rest of the cast briefed them.

A new couple has joined the Scènes deoyers team: this Monday, August 23, for the launch of the thirteenth season of the M6 ​​series, viewers will discover Jalil and Louise, played by Ryad Baxx and Claudia Mongumu. In the eyes of the latter, integrating such a popular series was necessarily impressive: “For me, the series is part of the French audiovisual cultural heritage and I watched it from time to time,” she confides to TV Mag. It is a challenge to join this program as it has been around for a long time with a well-formed team. Not to mention that the selection process was long. “Started in November 2020, it only ended in March 2021.” It was a long time but the series is very watched and a new couple needs to be well chosen. After the last validation, everything went very quickly. We had to take our marks, launch and turn, ”she says. Quickly plunged into the deep end, they were fortunately well received by the rest of the cast.

Having come under fire from the first critics before them, the stars of Scènes de households were keen to warn Ryad Baxx and Claudia Mongumu of the attacks they were going to have to endure. Grégoire Bonnet, who arrived in 2015 on the series with Amélie Etasse, had a difficult start: “Viewers wondered who these suckers were and wanted the production to fire us …” he told Le Figaro. Part of the reason he held up was because he had been prepared for those reactions. As he had confided to Purepeople, the Household Scenes teams had warned him that he and Amélie Etasse were “going to be murdered for about a year”.

Today, Grégoire Bonnet forms with Amélie Etasse a duo very appreciated by fans of the series. An example to follow for Ryad Baxx and Claudia Mongumu, now also warned of the potential violence of the first comments. “They reassured us a lot on the start by telling us that it was not always easy,” Claudia Mongumu told TV Mag. They also told us about the exhibition, huge, explaining that in general it goes well. You just have to give viewers time to get used to the new and let the first wave pass.

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