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This Thursday, November 25, France 3 offers the broadcast of a western, Hostiles. The opportunity for moviegoers to find actor Christian Bale in the role of Captain Blocker. Once again, it was an incredible performance for this actor used to giving of his person in each of his roles. This is even what characterizes Christian Bale: this ability to change physically every time.

Being an actor means knowing how to act, learn texts and evolve with ease under the gaze of others and that of the camera. But it is also preparing upstream to put yourself in the best possible conditions to play a role. And in terms of preparation, if there is one actor who does not skimp on this aspect, it is Christian Bale. This Anglo-American born in Wales lived a nomadic childhood, between a mother circus artist and a father engaged in various professional activities, as a pilot or entrepreneur. The 47-year-old actor started his career at 13. He got the lead role in Empire of the Sun (1987) by Steven Spielberg. The film is a huge success, his interpretation of a young orphan is unanimously greeted by the critics.

Now 34 years of career, the least we can say is that this dad of two children has gone through all the physical transformations! It is truly the king of morphological variations, between enormous weight gains then draconian diets, rickety body then bodybuilder!

Christian Bale’s weight loss and gain has received a lot of attention during his career. A reputation that comes to him from The Machinist, where the actor is anorexic, bordering on bearable. He also played Batman, which resulted in him gaining unprecedented body mass. More recently, the actor has gained weight to play politician Dick Cheney in Vice.

And as he then continued with the filming of Le Mans 66, this then forced him to lose a lot of it again very quickly. With age helping, Christian Bale now says he no longer wants to subject his body to such brutal variations. “I can’t keep doing this. I really can’t. My death looks me in the eye. I keep telling myself that I’m done with this. I really think it’s over.” , he declared recently in an American media. Find Christian Bale and his physical evolutions in cinema in our slideshow!

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