“Secrets d’histoire” from May 3, 2021. Tonight, an issue of “Secrets d’histoire” will be replayed on France 3 from 9:05 pm. And this evening Stéphane Bern takes us to meet one of the greatest French philosophers and men of letters: Voltaire.

His real name François-Marie Arouet, he became famous at the age of 24 with his play Oedipus. Poet, historian, philosopher, he is the intellectual who best embodies the Age of Enlightenment. He makes the Church’s superstition and abuse the fight of his life. He does not hesitate to engage in the defense of Jean Calas, the Toulouse Protestant unjustly condemned to death and whose name and honor Voltaire manages to rehabilitate. He is also a genius mocker. His irony and ferocity towards power even earned him a few stays in the Bastille.

Passionate lover, he shares a loving and intellectual bond with the most brilliant woman of the 18th century, the Marquise Emilie du Châtelet. He maintains ambiguous relations with the rulers of Europe, criticizing and flattering them in turn. Louis XV is suspicious of it. The relationship with Frederick II, the King of Prussia nicknamed the Philosopher King, fizzled out. Voltaire is free and wants to stay that way. He eventually settled on the Franco-Swiss border in the small village of Ferney, renamed Ferney-Voltaire in his honor, of which he made a real economic lung.

It was in Ferney that he became a star to whom all the aristocracy and the enlightened bourgeoisie came to pay homage. This incredible journey culminates in his return to Paris at the age of 83.

“Secrets d’Histoire” takes you in the footsteps of this brilliant mind. From England, where he discovered a new wind of freedom at the Palace of Versailles and the Sans-Souci Palace near Berlin, from the Château de Cirey, cradle of his love with Emilie du Châtelet, to his refuge in Ferney. Without forgetting the Pantheon of which he is today the oldest “Great Man”.

With the participation of: François Jacob (biographer), Evelyne Lever (historian), Didier Masseau (historian), Elisabeth Badinter (philosopher) Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire (historian), François Bessire (president of the Société Voltaire) Philippe Sollers (writer) , Charles-Eloi Vial (curator at the National Library of France)…

🔵 𝗟𝗘 𝗟𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗜 𝟯 𝗠𝗔𝗜 | François-Marie Arouet, better known under the name of Voltaire, welcomes us next Monday for an exciting evening! 😃 #CultureAt Us

Tonight in “Secrets d’histoire” on France 3 – but also in preview and then replay on France.TV, meet Voltaire, the intellectual who best embodies the Age of Enlightenment!

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