The Heritage Days continue, the opportunity to discover all the riches of France, such as the largest railway museum in Europe, located in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), called the Cité du train.

Since the invention of the steam locomotive, trains have traveled billions of kilometers. These remarkable machines and powerful technologies for the time, can still be admired in the largest railway museum in Europe located in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin). “My father was a railway worker and I was a driver for 6 months, it reminds me of my youth” says a visitor to the museum.

Another appreciable wonder in this museum, the 232 U, which at the time broke the speed record. “We must not forget the men who also drove these machines. Without them, it would only be heaps of scrap,” recalls a railway technology enthusiast.

The first steam locomotives, the first electric motors, the 3rd and 4th class wagons up to the TGV, everything is present to see the remarkable evolution of railway technology. As the TGV celebrates its 40th anniversary, it is the perfect opportunity to revisit the history of railways in this city steeped in history.

broadcast on 09/17

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