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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … As Antoine strategizes to unmask the person responsible for the fire, Laetitia leads the investigation into Naël’s mother. For her part, Noémie is leaving the institute.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode Here It All Begins, broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Certain that Tom is responsible for the fire that put Eliott in danger, Greg finds it abnormal that Antoine does nothing to stop him. When he crosses paths with the young man in the institute’s gardens, Delobel’s son sees red but Tom continues to claim his innocence.

For his part, Antoine hatches a plan to unmask the culprit. He then summons the second year students to the dining room and demands that they all wear their kitchen clothes. If one of them isn’t wearing a scarf, it’s likely the one behind the fire.

Lionel understood the principal’s strategy. While his comrades change in the locker rooms, he pretends to have forgotten his phone and hastens to go to the Rigaut’s dressing room where he steals the keys to the lingerie.

In the double A, Antoine makes the young chefs believe that he has noticed a certain slackening in order to inspect their dress. Unfortunately, his tactics fell through with all the students, including Lionel, wearing blue scarves.

Later, Greg overhears Tom and Deva discussing the reason for summoning the second graders. Convinced that Antoine is not interested in the right promotion, Greg pushes Tom to denounce himself. Although he understands his anger, the latter remarks that his relentlessness will not help Eliott. Nothing works. Greg doesn’t budge and goes so far as to threaten to make him pay for what he did.

Greg and Lionel then go to Eliott’s bedside, who is starting to get better. As he tastes his boyfriend’s gazpacho, Eliott realizes he has lost both taste and smell. Since the doctors are unsure if this will return, he fears that he will never be able to cook again.

Not far from there, Deva reveals to Tom to have seen Lionel take a blue scarf in the lingerie just before the summons of Mr. Myriel.

Certain that Naël’s mother broke into her home to drop off a pacifier for her son, Rose resumed research at the institute and then questions Lætitia. However, the latter did not see anyone lurking around the Myriel’s apartment.

While cleaning the locker room, Lætitia surprises Jasmine crying in the toilets. Stressed at the idea of ​​not succeeding in her studies at the prestigious gastronomic school, she confides in Lætitia, who tries to cheer her up. In vain.

Later, Lætitia empties the trash cans in Jasmine’s room. Dropping a photo, she discovers the wrapping of a baby pacifier under her bed. Convinced that the student is Naël’s mother, Laetitia is quick to share her discovery with Rose.

Noémie is back at the institute. Although she has made the decision to close her restaurant to resume her activity as a pastry teacher, the young woman is afraid of meeting Teyssier. Even though she no longer doubts her abilities, she still wonders if she still wants to teach.

Shortly after, Noémie heads to the kitchen where she meets Emmanuel who gives her the new baking program he has established for the year. When he likes to tell her that her burn-out joker won’t help her a second time, it is too much for Noémie to announce that she is resigning. No matter how much Teyssier starts, she won’t be able to set foot in the institute again if she steps in the door, she says goodbye to him and then leaves the kitchens with a smile.

Having to replace her at a moment’s notice, Emmanuel is forced to take the pastry class. But as he demonstrated to his students, his hands began to shake. Fearing to be overtaken by the disease, he then confides in his wife. Constance, who worries about him, demands that he take care of himself. Emmanuel then undertakes to do so as soon as he finds a replacement for Noémie.

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