What could be better than a gourmet and regressive dessert to make our taste buds waggle? This is the promise made to us by the rice pudding recipe signed by Cyril Lignac.

It is not uncommon that we are looking for a simple but delicious recipe to satisfy our taste buds. For that, we like to plunge back into our childhood memories and remember the good little desserts that our mother prepared for us. If for some, the essential to taste was an ultra generous chocolate cake, for others, it was a very creamy rice pudding. Rice pudding is a classic, and we never tire of tasting it. However, as sweet as this dessert is, we tend to neglect it and only eat it occasionally. To the delight of gourmets and gourmets, pastry chef Cyril Lignac recently shared his advice and tips on RTL for making his rice pudding recipe. Hang your taste buds, because the creaminess is at the rendezvous.

As we know, it’s not always easy to get a recipe right the first time. Finally, that was before we benefited from the very precise advice of chef Cyril Lignac. For him, there is no secret. A successful dessert is based on the choice of ingredients. For rice pudding, you should bet on a round rice. Thanks to its high starch content, it is the key ingredient to thicken the dessert. We will also favor whole milk (if you have no intolerance) for an ever greater taste and smoothness. We reassure you, these few tips followed by respecting the steps are enough for a creamy and delicious rice pudding!

Chef’s tip: you can replace the vanilla with cinnamon, honey, lemon zest or, for a tangy note, a passion fruit.

Chef’s tip: you can add a hazelnut caramel to accompany the rice pudding. You just have to taste!

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