It is a (bad?) Habit taken on the side of the French authorities: to close the motorway to carry out police checks between Mons and Valenciennes. The French police closed the A2 / E19 motorway in the direction Brussels-Valenciennes at the level of the municipality of Vicq and forced the vehicles to take the exit ramp, causing slowdowns and traffic jams, going up to the border.

This Saturday, October 30, the French police again carried out this operation. The result was not long in coming: 13 kilometers of queues, going up to the Hensies border post, which aroused the ire of its mayor Éric Thiébaut.

“I regret that the French authorities are carrying out this type of operation without any consultation with the Belgian authorities,” he complains. “As a result, a large number of motorists using this section are looking for a relief route via the Hensies exit located at the border post.”

Result: a permanent procession of vehicles on the small roads of the town, crossing the village of Hensies at full speed, in defiance of the safety of the inhabitants. The traffic was all the more important today since it was the first day off from the All Saints holidays.

“These municipal roads are not suitable for accommodating such traffic which clearly endangers the residents concerned.” Hensies is not the only municipality to suffer from French security whims: other border municipalities such as Dour, Quiévrain or Pommeroeul also suffer their procession of vehicles driven by angry and sometimes dangerous motorists.

As a result, the mayor decided to close the exit of the Hensies border post by going to France until further notice.

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