Monday, November 22, 2021 3:05 p.m.

British Columbia’s Highway 3 has reopened to major traffic, and motorists traveling on Alberta Highways 3, 2, and 22 can expect traffic to increase as traffic from B.C. to the east.

Currently, Highway 3 is the only highway open from the Lower Mainland, and heavy traffic, especially commercial airlines, is expected to travel to Alberta.

Travelers are encouraged to find alternative routes to avoid traffic jams and you may experience periodic delays as commercial traffic to and from British Columbia increases.

For drivers considering traveling to British Columbia, please note that driving on certain Routes within the province are restricted to essential traffic.

“This recreation community is more than just a building – it is a symbol of the hope our community and province desperately needs,” said Ken Johnston, Mayor of Red Deer.

“This award is for the community. It is for the community, members of the community, indigenous partners who have worked with us in this place. We share this award with all of the amazing Indigenous Interpreters at Fort Edmonton Park. ”- Renée Williams, Senior Vice President, Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton Elks 43-10 loss to B.C. Lions on Friday who finished with a worst 3-11 West Division record for the second fewest single season victories in the club’s history.

Provision of a holiday basket and much more!

“Canada has 2.9 million doses available, enough to offer a first dose to every child in the newly approved age group.”

“This is a major injection into the current system, making it more accessible to people who don’t struggle with living on the streets. Now there will be places available for them in a safe and healthy place. ”

Audiences in Canada and around the world need to hear and understand the lived experiences of indigenous storytellers more than ever before reaching a global audience. ”

Press release of the Confederation of the Six States of the Treaty of November 19, 2021

“It’s been far too long. As we still have … I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I believe there are almost 50 nations across Canada that still need advice on cooking water. How is that possible in Germany in 2021? ”- Dylan Smart, VP, water care company

CFWE & The Raven 89.3 were present to represent during the Gingerbread House competition and won Windspeaker Media their first prize.

The Alberta government wants to publish more information about teachers who have been blamed for wrongdoing.

The City of Edmonton has made plans for what will happen to the vacant building.

“You keep inspiring me. [I’m] going to give them directions – or some kind of directions or something – and they just take them and run with them. And I’m so amazed at what they’re doing because I’ve never thought of using that medium or seeing it that way. So they keep challenging me and just showing me new ways of doing things. ”Reanna Lorraine Savard, Métis artist

“We really want to give caregivers the dignity to choose their own gift for their children. Caregivers know their children best. You can use the Family Gift Center to choose a gift especially for your child or the children in your life. ”

Alberta is doing its part to help with the current flooding west of the province in British Columbia

“We can’t wait to welcome the crowd back to the hill this Saturday … we couldn’t be more thrilled !!”

“The Indigenous Peoples Experience demonstrates the timeless power of storytelling and empowers people to talk about their own culture.”

(Raise the flag) is intended to reflect the importance of recognizing Métis Week and the RCMP’s commitment in Alberta to building strong relationships with the Métis peoples and communities with whom we live and serve.

Canadians in participating provinces and territories can expect a test warning on their television, radio, and compatible wireless devices

“The downtown Christmas tree lighting is a Grande Prairie tradition that we look forward to continuing this year. The livestream is a great way to join in from the comfort of your home. Join us on YouTube when we spread a festive mood and welcome you to the Christmas season. “

– Mayor Jackie Clayton