In the Var, the showers coming from the sea become more numerous and intensify in the morning. On the islands and to the south of a Bandol-St Raphaël line, the showers are more present and active. Until night from Saturday to Sunday, thunderstorms can affect this part of the coast. Accumulations possible up to 80 millimeters in 3 hours under the strongest thunderstorms. Between Saturday 9 am and Sunday 120 or even locally 150 millimeters are expected.

Consequence: orange vigilance for rain-floods and yellow for thunderstorms, all accompanied by a moderate east wind on the coasts.

# WEATHER83 | This Saturday, October 30, the #Var is placed on vigilance ORANGE for rain-flood 🌧 and YELLOW for thunderstorms Strong accumulations of rain are expected especially on the coast. Limit your movements ℹ Weather forecasts 👉 https: // t. co / MCZ1FSue10

For this last weekend of October, the weather should therefore be very disturbed from Languedoc to the Côte d’Azur. Thus, the Var (83) joins the Ardèche (07), the Gard (30) the Lozère (48) concerning orange vigilance. Already, on October 4, the Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône had experienced a particularly intense Mediterranean episode with floods.

The Cevennes episode begins in the coming hours, while the heavy rains will also affect other Mediterranean regions during the weekend. Stay informed ▶ ️https: // #VigilanceOrange

The advice is always the same in such a situation: be careful, protect what can be safe in your home and avoid going out as much as possible.

⛈🌧 Use caution! This weekend a rainy episode which can locally be stormy will cross the department of Var. Respect the prevention advice of @ MeteoFrance_SE @ Prefet83 and @ SDIS83

Thunderstorms should be less violent this Sunday, but rain is expected until Monday inclusive. For the hours, the Alpes-Maritimes department is not concerned. It is therefore a weekend to spend under the duvet that awaits the inhabitants of the Var, crossing their fingers so that this episode is not violent.