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The secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez, in July 2021. (AFP / LUDOVIC MARIN)

If the CGT is not present during the current mobilizations against the sanitary pass, refusing to parade “with antivaxers who make anti-Semitic remarks, who defend unbearable conspiratorial theses” and to march “alongside Florian Philippot, this man who wants to put immigrants out “, she is” against the sanitary pass “. “Everything that is mandatory is not effective,” said Sunday, August 29 in an interview with the Parisian the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez, recalling also to be in favor of vaccination and its extension.

The union leader also fears “abuses”. “Some bosses check with their teams to find out (…) who has their pass, who does not, whether these employees are in contact with the public or not. Beware of abuses, because the pass then becomes the means of carrying out disguised dismissals, in particular of those who have precarious contracts, “warned Philippe Martinez in the daily.

The union leader also denounced “the inconsistencies in the implementation” of the health pass. “The military like the gendarmes and firefighters have the obligation to be vaccinated unlike the police. Why? People do not understand,” he said. “The discontent is also mounting on the issue of checks carried out by employers with their employees,” he added, estimating, in general, that “people are angry”.

“There are a whole bunch of problems particularly related to the cost of living, the shortage of employment,” continued the unionist in Le Parisien. “Among these demonstrators who march on Saturday (against the health pass, editor’s note), there are hospital workers who have good reason to be in the street: despite all their efforts, they have fewer and fewer beds, their conditions of work deteriorate, they are forced to be vaccinated while at the height of the crisis, they went to work, sometimes even when they were in contact or sick “, listed the union leader, before adding: “If the government decides to put pension reform back on the table, that will be a further cause of discontent.”

The CGT will organize, with the other trade union centers, a demonstration in early October. “We have an inter-union meeting on Monday during which we will choose a date of mobilization which will focus on social issues. It will take place in early October”, explained to the daily Philippe Martinez. According to Le Parisien, the date of Tuesday, October 5 would be preferred.

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What were the arguments of the tens of thousands of English people who demonstrated against vaccination in 1870: messenger RNA, big pharma, a foreign vaccine … we know more with these anti-everything that has crossed the centuries …