On social networks, several Internet users have shared, in recent days, a copy of a letter dated November 9, 2020, which they attribute to their local ARS while it bears the letterhead of Health Insurance, informing them that their practitioner is no longer authorized to exercise their liberal activity because not vaccinated against Covid and therefore, suspended for non-compliance with the law. Many castigate a “denunciation” of the liberals. “Collaborative ARSs are sending this to their patients,” one Twitter user wrote, for example, posting a photo.

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“Collaborationist” ARSs send this to patients.
Received today from a member at https://t.co/lx58YgQzRz pic.twitter.com/lbtHkuxMwZ

Although the data has been anonymized, it can be read: “During the period from 01/11/2021 to 07/11/2021, you had to consult with the healthcare professional […]. Your practitioner has been informed that from 11/15/2021, he is no longer authorized to exercise his liberal activity. Under these conditions, at the end of a period of 30 days from the date of suspension thereof, the consultations, care and prescriptions that he performs are no longer reimbursable by Health Insurance. We invite you to get closer to another practitioner to ensure the continuity of your care. “

According to 20 Minutes, which carried out the decryption of this letter entitled “Information concerning your practitioner” and contacted the services of the Cnam, the Health Insurance indeed alerts the patients in this case, but it is only a question of a second step. The first consists of a “notification of the prohibition to exercise” and then, if the practitioner continues his activity, the Cnam then warns the patients and the local ARS. She also told our colleagues that more than 96.7% of liberal professionals being vaccinated against Covid, this kind of situation is rare.

Alright, not alright?

Discuss it with your colleagues.

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