Demarcus Cousins ​​reacts to Argentina in the first half during the men’s quarterfinal match on day 12 of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

They left 11-2 for the first three weeks, which allowed them to keep up with the equally hot Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns and bring some daylight between them and the teams that were on their doorstep Third place pounded. But just when it looked like the Clippers were ready to overtake the Suns for second place, and possibly even take first place, they dropped two games in a row to end the month and started May with a major loss against the Denver Nuggets. LA started the month in third place, but now they sit in fourth place.

From an individual standpoint, April (and early May) was nothing but good news for seasoned tall man DeMarcus “boogie” cousins.

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Cousins ​​repealed by the Houston Rockets on February 23rd signed on May 5th April 10-day contract with the Clippers. The move, which received as much praise as it was criticized, was viewed as some sort of low-risk experiment for the Clippers, which, given the lengthy absence of the injured center Serge Ibaka, required a deeper depth. If the 10-year-old veteran could check his infamous demeanor at the door and even give a semblance of the game that once made him a perennial all-star, the Clippers would see the Cousins ​​Experiment as a win.

And though he didn’t play much in the first 10 days, clearly cousins ​​did enough to impress. They signed a second 10-day contract on April 16, before signing with the team on April 26 for the remainder of the season.

Now that the regular season is over and the postseason their seductive siren song sings, the Cousins ​​experiment makes the Clippers look good – very good.

In his last five games, Cousins ​​scored 12.0 points at 54.8% shooting and 7, despite an average of only 16.4 minutes 6 rebounds. He announced his first double doubles (11 points and 11 assists) in the Clippers loss to New Orleans on April 26, the day he signed with the team for the long term, and then explained to reporters what head coaches were doing Ty Lue expects him as he gets used to a new team and learns a new game book the size of cousins ​​compared to a dictionary.

“With my strengths,” said Cousins. “[Lue] knows that I’m a willing passerby and that I’ve teamed up twice since my return, which I don’t really understand. Just play the game right, read it right, try to play the right game every time you have possession , and try to lead the second session while the starters take a rest. I’m still getting used to everything and still growing into my role. Hopefully I can perfect that early in the playoffs. “

On the Asked what he meant by not understanding the doubles team was Cousins, whose stature in the league is nowhere near as tall as after three serious leg injuries, carefree.

“I’m the third string on one Working twice a day, “chuckled Cousins.” I don’t think that’s ever happened before. It’s pretty fun to me. “Funny yes, but not necessarily unjustified.

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On Saturday against Denver, as Paul George battled his shot and Kawhi Leonard pulled back from a foot injury, Cousins ​​helped keep the Clippers close, scoring 16 points in 6v9, including 2-on-3 from behind the ark. (Boogie shoots 42.9% of three since he joined the team.) After that, coach Lue, who has decided, grabbed cousins ​​except for oh t seconds of fourth quarter play even though he admitted he’s still learning the game book, perhaps best summarized as to why the Clippers took the game a chance on him in the first place.

“[Cousins] are still trying to learn defense and attack, but he’s just a player, “said Lue. “Forget all the plays and everything, just get him down on the floor. He makes things possible. “

Cousins ​​are particularly trying to get things going for 24-year-old Ivica Zubac, who has skilfully occupied the starting position in the middle since Ibaka’s departure in mid-March. After the Pelicans game, cousins ​​spoke brightly about Zubac’s potential and the role he would like to play in the player’s fourth year development.

“I love Zu,” said Cousins. “Incredible young player. He is full of potential, but I just want to be this big brother to him, this OG for him and keep losing knowledge about him every day and evening. I just want to make his job easier for him with the knowledge I already have. “

And the mentorship already seems to be working. In the 14 games since Cousins ​​arrived, Zubac has averaged 11.0 points at 66.0% shooting, 7.2 rebounds and 1.8 assists – all well above his season average (with the exception of the rebound, which is essentially the same : 7.2 vs 7.3).

“He’s a willing listener, he always tries to learn, he always tries to get better every day,” Cousins ​​continued about Zubac. “They have such a young player that it’s easy to lose knowledge and communicate on a daily basis. He did a great job getting the information and translating it into the game.”

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For the boogie haters in the league who remember the seven difficult years he spent with the Sacramento Kings, the willingness may like of the cousins ​​seem strange to help a young gamer, but there is no doubt that the cousins ​​have grown significantly since then. Once he’s the NBA’s technical foul king, he no longer berates the officials to their limits, and he seems especially ready to play whatever role it takes to win games, even if that means not the centerpiece to be.

Natural maturity is an obvious explanation, as is its diminished population since the injuries. To hear cousins ​​speak, his turnaround could also have something to do with the culture of the Clippers organization.

“It’s a joy to come to work every day,” raved Cousins. “Super chilled out environment, everyone comes in and works off their tails. Always in a good mood in the changing room. It’s crazy. The time has come for every single person in our building to receive it. You can have a conversation with the team cook, the team’s masseurs. Whatever the case, everyone gets along, and that’s just an amazing thing. It’s a rare thing that it’s such a long season and the spirit and energy in the building are like that on a constant basis. This culture is unique. Definitely one of the top organizations I’ve ever belonged to. “