Release date: Sunday April 18, 2021 11:11 am – Will Ford

According to Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard is getting fit for a reunion with former club Chelsea in the Champions League

The Belgian came to Madrid in 2019 after seven successful years for the Blues at Stamford Bridge for around £ 100 million.

Zidane’s team secured the semi-finals after a 3-1 aggregate win over Liverpool against Chelsea, while Thomas Tuchel’s side defeated Porto 2-1 on two legs.

It was feared that Hazard would be denied the opportunity to face his previous team despite the meeting due to his injury problems.

But Zidane has confirmed Hazard’s recovery has gone well and he plans to play in Madrid against Getafe on Sunday. This gives him enough time to get back to the game before the first of the two semi-finals on April 27th.

“He’s feeling very better and he’s ready,” said Zidane. “He wants to be back more than anyone.

Zidane admitted that his team” suffered “in the second leg at Anfield on Wednesday, but insisted that his team deserved the semi-finals.

” We suffered the pressure tonight, but we made it through these quarter-finals, “he said.

” I think we deserved to have made it through this round. We knew they would make it difficult for us, but we controlled parts of the game very well.

“We were very solid. It was a game that was very important to us and we gave everything we had. “

” We started the game very well. We didn’t lose the draw tonight, we lost the game in Madrid, it was clear, “he said.

” If we won 1-0 had it been a different game, but because of Real Madrid’s experience and their situation we had to watch the game and they controlled the game and had a chance to counterattack themselves.

Varane no longer has a contract in the summer of 2022 and there was no talk of a contract extension.

Zinedine Zidane has insisted that his Real Madrid players are “physically okay” and that their hectic pace …

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Zidane had a plan to exploit the Liverpool duo TAA and Roberton in Madrid …

According to Zidane, Real Madrid have to be “ready” in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Real only have Nacho Fernandez and Eder Militao as central defenders against Liverpool.

Zidane believes Real are undervalued this season and will prove a point against the Reds.

Nketiah’s 97th-minute equalizer will bring Arsenal and Arteta very brief joy on a detrimental day.

A new era, a new rivalry will be born on Saturday. And it has to be seen which Arsenal will play against which Fulham.

With his brace on Everton, Harry Kane moved away from Robbie Fowler and overtook Jermain Defoe …

Johnny Nic raves about one of the deadliest killers of the century, Samuel Eto’o. Someone here has to …

Lukasz Fabianski made a rare mistake that could prove costly to West Ham and its Champions League hopes.