The Hawks fans kept it clean and lively on Friday night as they watched their home team dominate the Knicks from the second quarter onwards, claiming a 105:94 win and a 2-1 lead in this best of Scored Seven first round matchup. “NEW YORK SUCKS!” was about as angry as they got and compared to the vulgar love songs Madison Square Garden fans directed to Trae Young, it was almost like a ballad for the Knicks.

They allowed 15,743 fans in the building, 92 percent capacity , and the crowd got it loud early and kept it loud for most of the night. And mostly they thought it was very innocent.

Most of the time, they cheered their players using the same sing-song method as the Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium.

Most of the time, they sang “A! T! L! “much that turns the city’s preferred abbreviation into an oath of war.

Julius Randle came closest to attempting a Knicks head. There were dozens of chants of” Overrated! “- and Randle offered many openings, shooting 2:15 and playing a largely uninspired game. They also tried the old palestra trick of booing Randle for a while when he got the ball, even though it didn’t last all night.

Finally there was Posters and signs distributed by the Hawks that had the message in black and white, “OVERRATED.” “A good, enthusiastic crowd,” Randle said, although none of the Knicks were ready to say the fans were in of their long, desperate night.

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