This is unprecedented for Elephant Haven, the only elephant sanctuary in Europe based in Bussière-Galant in Haute-Vienne. This site, dedicated to the retreat of pachyderms passed through circuses and zoos, has welcomed Gandhi, a 52-year-old elephant weighing 3.5 tonnes, originally from Asia.

According to the association, Gandhi was probably transferred from Thailand when she was in the wild, to a Danish zoo, that of Givskud in 1973. In 1998, she was then moved to France and entrusted to the former Pont-Scorff zoo in Morbihan in Brittany, now Les Terres de Nataé, before arriving at the end of 2021 in Limousin.

The elephant has experienced “particularly complicated and traumatic trials in the past, especially in her relationship with certain congeners who were present at the site”. Consequence: it must have been isolated from the rest of its congeners, making the animal unhappy because the elephant is known to be very sociable.

Despite a little osteoarthritis, Gandhi is doing well in his new environment after spending 23 years in a zoo. She will be able to peacefully enjoy her enclosure of 8 hectares of land as well as the watermelons, plums and lemons which she adores according to the members of Elephant Haven.