The provincial assembly of Haut-Katanga dispatched for two days, from Friday April 17 to Saturday April 18, the provincial elected representatives to take stock of the general situation of this city located on the border between the DRC and Zambia. Under the leadership of Antoine Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza, President of this deliberative body of Haut-Katanga, these provincial elected officials visited the customs, the Bilanga base and the pedestrian corridor on Friday and Saturday.

The mafia is organized there, and it is the money that escapes the public treasury, according to Antoine Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza.

“We saw the customs, the pedestrian corridor and the Bilanga base. Everything that goes on there, we have the reports, the names and the lists. Everyone who is in the mafia, embezzlement of money to the border of Kasumbalesa, we know them now. Many have enriched themselves fraudulently with state money coming from the border of Kasumbalesa. Our wish as a provincial assembly is that the money must go into the state fund, and that the state find the necessary means to solve the problems of the population, “said on Saturday in Kasumbalesa, Antoine Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza, President of this deliberative body in Haut-Katanga.

The deputies of Haut-Katanga who moved their headquarters from Lubumbashi to Kasumbalesa, called on the entire population to unity and to banish divisions between communities.

“We ask all the population of Kasumbalesa, young and old to unity and to avoid divisions between the communities. We reject disorder, rebellions and especially influence peddling at the Kasumbalesa border”, Gabriel clarified. Kyungu, Saturday, from the border town of Kasumbalesa.

During the opening ceremony of the March session, the President of the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Katanga, Gabriel Kyungu, called for new orientations of the anti-fraud brigade, which brigade will have to fight against smuggling to all the border posts of the province, and allow the province to acquire the means of its policy.