Hassouna Nasfi explains that the motion has exceeded the minimum threshold requested. The internal regulations had fixed it at 73 signatures.

Hassouna Nasfi added that the non-holding of the plenary sessions of March 25 and 26, due to the absence of the deputies, does not mean a desire to conceal legal files. He also asserted that MPs did not intend to thwart or oppose justice.

Thus, the deputies can submit this motion to the office of the parliament. The latter will find himself obliged to set a plenary session dedicated to it.

Nonetheless, the MP explained that at a meeting held on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the signatories agreed to take a different approach than that taken when the last motion was tabled.

Indeed, the deputies also agreed not to present the motion until after obtaining the minimum of 109 signatures required for the withdrawal of confidence.

During the first attempt to withdraw confidence, 133 deputies took part in the vote. 97 were for, 18 draws, 2 whites, and 16 against. Rached Ghannouchi therefore retained his post as chairman of the ARP.

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