While Bernard Montiel faced troublesome revelations in Touche pas à mon poste, Didier Raoult counterattacked on the C8 set this Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Gilles Verdez, Bernard Montiel, Géraldine Maillet, Matthieu Delormeau but also Isabelle Morini-Bosc accompanied Cyril Hanouna for the number of Touche pas à mon poste unveiled in access this Thursday, October 28, 2021 on C8.

Behind the scenes and the secrets of the show are revealed in the sequence titled “The Pookie Box”. The case of Bernard Montiel has been deciphered and the columnist took it for his rank. Gilles Verdez notably accused him of plotting against the host: “He spends two hours in the lodge, he has nothing to give a fuck with his life. He is there to speak … I would not have said anything if it was not pointed at you [Cyril Hanouna, editor’s note] because he said “Cyril Hanouna, he had some failures, but me, never” ! “.

In revenge, Cyril Hanouna unveiled “the dark side” of the former host of Video Gag by revealing proof that the latter was aware a day earlier of a ranking positioning him as the second favorite host of viewers of C8, while he had feigned astonishment in front of his comrades the next day.

In the last part of the entertainment, Didier Raoult responded to the heavy charges against him, namely illegal tests against tuberculosis. The main party denied everything and warned: “We can not shoot me”.

This edition attracted 1.29 million P2 fanzouzes, for a market share of 5.9%, but also 9.3% of housewives, 10.2% of 15-34 year olds and 10.5% of 25-49 year olds. Previously, the opening party had 895,000 scholars and 4.3% of viewers, with season records for women under 50 (8%), 25-49 (9.6%) and 15-34 years (10.6%).

On Wednesday October 27, TPMP relied on 3.7 and then 6.6% of the French in front of the small skylight.

Ref: https://www.toutelatele.com