Halo Infinite looks forward to making a name for itself in the esports world, and the Halo Championship Series partner teams have just been unveiled.

The Halo Competitions launched as part of the Halo Championship Series are sure to be talked about like never before with the release of Halo Infinite multiplayer at the end of the year. Remember that this part of the game will be offered free of charge for all in free-to-play mode, which should attract a considerable number of players.

The developers at 343 Industries have spent many months developing a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Halo esports and today announce the esports teams partnering with the game’s launch.

Note that Microsoft was already a Cloud9 sponsor before this announcement with tech support, but that won’t be the case with their Halo Infinite team to avoid favoritism.

Other partner teams will join the Halo Championship Series later. At launch, priority was given to teams from North America and Europe, but the goal is to integrate teams from other continents.

Full details of their involvement in Halo Infinite multiplayer are unknown at this time, but the press release nevertheless specifies that these teams are investing a lot of money in the Halo ecosystem and that 343 Industries wants to ensure that the Halo ecosystem can do so. give them back financially.

The developers add that in return for their investment, the partnership with the teams will begin with in-game content from which “they will receive a significant portion of the revenue.” It is then quite easy to imagine that cosmetic items will be offered for sale in the game in the colors of the different teams.

Each partner team will have multiple bundles released in Halo Infinite. In addition, teams will benefit from a wealth of content and opportunities to film content at events so they can entertain their fans and attract new ones. We’re also working hard on more opportunities for partner teams, including sponsorship support, merchandising collaborations, and more. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible for our partner teams.

Finally, it should be noted that none of these partner teams will receive points, advanced placement during events or automatic qualification for official HCS events having an impact on the roadmap in which the whole of the other scene will participate.

I was frankly expecting nothing on the sports aspect of Halo Infinite, except for the second zone structures, but here we really have a fairly huge potential for visibility, if the circuit is coherent I would linger there. .

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