It’s Spooky Time on League of Legends! As Halloween approaches, Riot Games unveiled 5 new skins tonight to celebrate the event. Make way for Fiora, Nami, Poppy, Syndra, and Yuumi witches.

It’s almost Halloween! Like every year, Riot Games spoils us with dedicated skins to shiver a little in the fault. And for this 2021 edition, the summoners will have something to have fun since 5 new skins have been unveiled for the occasion. Make way for a new assembly of witches with Fiora, Nami, Poppy, Syndra, and Yuumi.

It has been the tradition for several years now, each Halloween has its own skins. After a rather light year 2020 with only two new appearances, Amumu Prince of the pumpkins and Elise sorceress, the studio makes up for it in 2021 with 5 new skins but also a prestige edition for an older one, Morgana witch prestige edition (the base skin is released in 2016). As usual, you will have to pay 100 prestige points or event tokens to unlock it).

The arrival of these skins should coincide with a new event and therefore new missions to be carried out on the client. They will arrive on the PBE tonight with the start of cycle 11.20, the patch of which will arrive on the live server on October 6th.

So, do you already have a preference? Are you going to fall for one of these new appearances?

The AFKs, these famous trolls and players hated by all, will soon be laughing a lot less. Riot Games has indeed decided to tighten the penalties against this behavior that is a little too present in League of Legends.

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