At the Terrass ’Hotel, we hope for disguises worthy of those of the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

To celebrate the masked party, many establishments, in Paris and elsewhere, have chosen to organize a scary evening. We offer you a ride to haunt your nights …

It has become a staple. Imported from the United States, October 31 is now the day we like to play jumpy. Disguised (recommended!) Or not. Hotels and other entertainment venues have understood this.

If its setting lends itself less to a horror film setting, the Hotel Molitor does not hesitate to repeat the experience offered here for several years. And to program an evening chills, scare and cold sweats, by broadcasting three classics of the genre from 10 pm: “Shining”, “Scream” and “Us”. And, if the anxiety is too strong, we can (until midnight only) dive into the lighted swimming pool. Better to come as a couple, to snuggle up against each other. And take refuge in your room, with the current offer of 275 euros, breakfast included.

We did not think of the prankster “monks” but even the Abbey of Royaumont is doing it, inviting a nocturnal and disturbing visit, of course. Once visitors have left, a guide will take you on a candlelight stroll, first through the park and then through the medieval halls of the abbey. He will tell you about the monks who occupied the place eight hundred years ago, the legend of this woman “witch” condemned by the abbot or the terrified tales of the occupants who met the ghost of the place. The spirit of the past will float on the music of an organist and it will then be time to savor the appropriate cocktails and desserts in the tea room bar. After so much emotion, you might as well spend the night there to recover (guided tours by candlelight at 8 pm and 9:30 pm on Sunday, October 31. From 289 euros per night for two people with dinner and breakfast).

In Paris, the Terrass ’Hotel in Montmartre took a clever opposite view with an“ Evening of the Dead ”. Original idea that this evening caliente “Dia de los Muertos” on October 30 from 7 pm to 11 pm. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a huge national event. Fascinating and festive. On the seventh floor, the hotel will therefore transform its rooftop bar into a Mexican atmosphere beyond the grave. But happy. The DJs will be instructed to program only Latin music and two make-up artists will be assigned to give you the air of the living dead with pale complexions and eyes blackened by death. Mescal is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Candlelight concerts don’t need Halloween to exist. These candle-lit musical performances offer a special and spellbinding atmosphere. Perfect for Halloween… This is the reason why they chose a repertoire of circumstance, interpreted by Eric Artz on piano alone, of “funeral” pieces: Bach’s “Toccata and fugue in D minor”, ​​the “Funeral March” by Chopin, the “Danse macabre” by Saint-Saëns, etc. (November 1, Colonne room, 94, boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, Paris XIIIe, 25 euros). Finally, if the allure of the thrill prompts you to get away from it all, now is the time to head to the Harry Potter Studios in London, where the entire month of October is devoted to Halloween. Especially this year, with an exhibition on the Dark Arts. And especially in the famous great hall of Hogwarts, where more than a hundred pumpkins will be enthroned, carved by the props of the saga. But staying at home tightly together, and watching a movie, is not bad either.

At Royaumont Abbey, the light will be softer on Halloween night for dinner.

For establishments that play the game, Halloween is an opportunity to “customize” their coffee foam …

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