End of Dragons, the third expansion for Guild Wars 2, will open in February 2022 the gates of Cantha County. New to the ArenaNet MMORPG will include personal boats for fishing, a co-op mount, as well as new elite specialties and a weapon collection. legendary.

An expansion is always a special time for an MMORPG, when the studio will put forward new content, features and ideas to attract players or retain them in its persistent world. After the verticality of the jungle and the addition of an aerial dimension to Guild Wars 2 with the Hang Glider from the Heart of Thorns (2015) expansion, the vast desert spaces and multiple obstacles to navigate with the introduction of the Path of Fire (2017) mounts, we will embark on skiffs to navigate and fish with End of Dragons (2022). Guild Wars 2’s third expansion will allow you to (re) explore Cantha’s land, adding – as usual with ArenaNet – elite specials and a weapon collection legendary among other novelties.

End of Dragons tells a new story, set in the mysterious island empire of Cantha. The oldest human nations of Tyria reside in this multi-ethnic land full of magic. Since its first appearance in 2006, in Guild Wars Factions, this lush region dotted with islands and exotic architecture has been sealed off and isolated from the rest of the world for more. 200 years after the Jade Wind, the magical curse that destroyed everything it touched and devastated the southeastern coastal regions. For a long time, the inventors of Cantha searched for concrete applications for the material now known as dragon jade, and they designed technologies unimaginable elsewhere with this incredible reservoir of starvation. magical energy. However, the cycle of dragons, which has brought life and suffering to Tyria for generations, seems to be coming to an end …

All players will be able to rediscover this lost land with the release of End of Dragons in February 2022. Brand new talents including Erika Ishii, Noshir Dalal, Ry Chase, Rina Hoshino, Tina Huang, and Sarah Sokolovic will be used for guide, ally or stooges players on an all-new adventure that will reveal some of the oldest canonical secrets of the Guild Wars franchise.

With End of Dragons, a number of new features, activities and stories will make their debut in the game, including the first multiplayer mount, the Siege Turtle. Capable of carrying two passengers, this living war machine will add a cooperative dimension. At the same time, new personal craft called skiffs will be used to transport friends and guildmates, and fishing will make its very first appearance in Guild Wars 2, offering a new way to interact with the game. Tyrian wildlife, whether cooking dinner or participating in tournament events for beginners.

Each of the nine professions in Guild Wars 2 will receive a new Elite Specialization and therefore new playstyles to master. Players are invited to participate in the Elite Specialties Beta events, each lasting one week, which will start from August 17 and continue each week. months in September, October and November. All players will be able to log in and create a new character for free during the beta test, to gain early access to the new Elite Specialties.

Players will also be able right out of the box to search for a new collection of legendary third-generation weapons, inspired by the ancestral Aurene wrist strap while the new missions of The attack will present the squads of 10 players with demanding battles. Shortly after the launch of End of Dragons, challenge modes will become available for each of the new attack missions for the first time, to test even the most hardened groups.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is now available for pre-purchase from the official game site for $ 29.99, including a bundle of pre-purchase bonus items, including a Fire Serpent weapon, Shing Jea mosaic cloak, Shing Jea Prodigy title, Shared inventory slot, and Level 80 boost. The Deluxe Edition, available for $ 54, $ 99, includes the Standard Edition bundle, plus other items: Shing Jea’s dragon boat skin, Cantha’s raptor skin, extra character slot, and skill set. Identity registration. The Ultimate Edition of End of Dragons, available for $ 79.99, includes Standard and Deluxe Edition items, as well as 4000 gems, the currency from the Guild Wars 2 in-game store.

In addition, to celebrate the release of End of Dragons, ArenaNet is offering a high-quality special edition minifigure featuring the ancestral wrist strap Aurene, the valiant companion of the game character. 20 by 25 centimeters, this see-through crystalline sculpture depicts Aurene in her Eye of the North position, and will be available for pre-order on the official Guild Wars 2 site until August 20 at the price of 120 euros, taxes and shipping costs excluded. It will come with a code that you can use to receive a unique in-game cape featuring Aurene’s logo.

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