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The Secretary of the Ministry of Justice (DOJ) Menardo I. Guevarra urged officials from the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) to find ways to obtain vaccines for their inmates on Monday, August 30th.

Guevarra beamed the appeal after the Human Rights Commission (CHR) raised the need to vaccinate more detained persons (PDLs) against coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

He says e that prison facilities across the country have relied on local government units (LGUs) to vaccinate PDLs. “

” If the affected LGUs cannot provide enough for them, BuCor and BJMP should have their own independents Seek sources, “he said.

” Ultimately, only more vaccines can meet all of these competing requirements, “because” LGU officials naturally tend to prioritize their own members. “

He recalled that “PDLs are also people who are entitled to humane treatment, especially those who are aging and suffering from comorbidities.” “Certainly PDLs who are aging and suffering from comorbidities are covered by the existing priorities,” he noted .

He noted that “the DOJ has been fighting for their priority 4 admission, if only for the reason that their space constraints make them more susceptible to community transmission of the disease makes “.

” We hope that with the arrival of more vaccines in the coming days, sufficient quantities can be made available for vulnerable PDLs, “he added.