Play-off last season, after missing the start of the championship (a victory after five days), Grenoble obviously has ignition problems. Martyred by Yohan Le Bouhris, author of a clear foot (14 points), Grenoble waited until the 61st minute to score his first points with the try of Julien Ruaud (7-19). Returned to eight points after another try from Qadiri (14-22, 77th), the Isérois were never in a position to worry the Oyomen, even ending the meeting five meters from their goal.

In numerical superiority after the exclusion of Lilesa for a dangerous tackle on Labrau (7th), Narbonne benefited from an ideal scenario for a successful return to Pro D2. The promoted was even very close to gaining the upper hand a few minutes later, but the try of Sitauti (14th) was canceled by the referee for a tackle without the ball. Regularly sanctioned, the Narbonnais have never been able to compete with Mont-de-Marsan, already author of four tries in the 47th minute and never worried afterwards.

Colomiers almost stumbled from the start at home. Led 19-3 at half-time and even momentarily reduced to thirteen after the temporary expulsions of Lescure and Granouillet (34th and 39th), Julien Saraute’s team miraculously found the thread of his game at the start of the second period, after two tries signed by his rear Thomas Girard (46th and 50th), author of a great match on Friday night (three tries).

Unruly in the first period, Béziers did not make the match easy against Aurillac (13-12 at halftime). David Aucagne’s players ended up finding the way forward after the break, taking the advantage thanks to the boot of his rookie, Lionel Beauxis (14 points). Aurillac, however, managed to make Béziers doubt, by scoring a numerical inferior try, thanks to Delarue (22-19, 74th). After getting a touch in 22 meters from Béziers at the last minute, Stade Aurillacois even came close to offering themselves a match point, but the Cantalous let this last ammunition escape on their shot.

Semi-finalist last season, Vannes was beaten from the start by Nevers. Abused in touch, the Bretons missed their start to the match (14-3). However, they ended up coming back in front on a penalty from Hilsenbeck, 10 minutes from time. Vannes seemed to have gained the upper hand, but two penalties conceded in quick succession allowed Reynolds (4 of 4 at the foot), to offer a first victory this season to his public.

Carcassonne quickly put an end to the suspense on Friday evening, taking advantage of two yellow cards conceded from the outset by the Rouennais (19th and 21st minutes), sanctioned by two tries from Samuel Marques (27th and 30th), author of 25 points. But the Languedocians stupidly let the offensive bonus slip by conceding a try two minutes from the end of the match.

Led in the first period, Montauban managed to secure a first away victory, helped by the boot of his opening half Jérôme Bosviel (14 points). Returning within reach of visitors after a try from Ioane (66th), Bourg-en-Bresse finally failed to get back in front.