Saturday August 28, 2021, Greg Yega was assaulted during a burglary. After beating him, two hooded men stole money from him, as well as luxury watches.

Monday August 30, 2021, W9 will kick off the Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 6! If this news makes Greg Yega, who is one of the stars of the program very happy, he had a big scare this weekend. According to the Actu17 site, Mélanie ORL’s companion was attacked by two hooded and armed men around 11:20 am Saturday, August 28, 2021. “Around 11:20 am, the police intervened in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille. The police made contact with the victim who tells them that two individuals entered his home through the window that remained open, “we can read. Faced with the police, Greg Yega would have revealed to have been hit with slaps and punches.

Revealed in the Marseille reality show at the end of 2018, Greg Yega is followed by 1.4 million fans on Instagram. While thanks to his product placements, the ex-companion of Maeva Ghennam earns a very good living, the criminals would have stolen a large sum of money from him as well as two luxury watches from the Rolex brand. If the young man has not mentioned his assault on social networks, the judicial police are now responsible for carrying out the investigations. In the world of reality TV, many candidates have been the victims of burglary. This is particularly the case of Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika, Martika, Sarah Fraisou, Benjamain Samat, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, but also Jazz and Laurent Correira.

A few days earlier, Greg Yega had already had to face a hard blow. And for good reason, he had the Covid-19. On Snapchat, he had confided: “Well bebews as you see, I have the Covid. There! I’ve never caught it in my whole life. But listen, it’s Covid, it’s home for 10 days. But, I still have the taste. Here it is, I have a fever, I have a headache and I broke, I am disgusted. Thank you Cannes! Me who was too happy to never have had the Covid … I am a person who is rarely sick (…) Yesterday, I have never been in such a state in all my life: soaked all over, I was hot, aching all over as if I had made a UFC game. “

PS I am against violence! It is obvious !! But recognize that You taunt bcp on the networks !! Ect !! With branded bags !! Designer clothes! Lou lou bou bou shoes! Jewelry ! and expensive watches !! I have absolutely no jealousy towards You / towards ALL people with high incomes !! I repeat to you that I am against ALL violence! But you take a lot of risks! Especially in times of crisis !! This is no excuse for what is happening! Aggressions! Ect … But don’t spit on France all the time! France which welcomes you at the slightest concern and You know it well! And I’m not even telling you about the CHAMPS Clinic !! …You know what I mean !! … It s ugly to spit in the soup! To the best of my mind!

1:53 am … France m ruined … dubai m enriched … I have everything you need in Dubai my daughter was born ace low … I just come to France to see my family 4 to 5 times per year … oddly in dubai we can expose our wealth we have no problem … but in France we attack you for a look which is very serious …. concerning medicine and care .. we are very well looked after and very well followed and the hospitals are top of the range … I do not spit on France … but France is lost … and I am happy to have left this country which is not moving forward …

By dint of taunting with money! jewelry ! ect …. In times of Crisis .. We harvest what we sow … For all those who go to live in Dubai !! Good for you ! But since you boast of having a very large income and paying very little or no taxes !! No matter !! Actually Stay there in Dubai !! Why are you coming back to France to have you followed up during your pregnancies? Your deliveries !! Your surgeries and EVERYTHING else !! To Dubai !! Question Doctors! Chirs! Caregivers! It’s not that ! Eh ! And then it is not in your means !! It is true that in France !! We welcome you and treat you for free! Besides, you always have your CV !! And She serves you well !! Admit it !! I have absolutely nothing against You !! But stop spitting on France !!

They are just right to go where they are safe, here that seriously sucks the proof for bcq and mtnt Greg.

10:31 p.m. … or I will gladly stay in dubai because financially and in terms of security, France is very late … moreover, it is a real paradise and a pure happiness to live there …. France is just for there see family and basta …. i left it 19 years ago ….. and nothing has changed …. on the contrary it’s getting worse and worse ….. while dubai is moving forward ….

9:34 pm knowing dubai ….. I can assure you that you will never be able to live there … because you will not have enough money ….. and your mentality will not suit well-off people ….

Being slapped and punched. Have been assassinated? Could you write in French, Leger?

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