Guest of the show There is only one life in life on Europe 1, Philippe Katerine made surprising confidences about his stepfather Gérard Depardieu.

Since their meeting on the set of the film Je suis no man’s land, Philippe Katerine and Julie Depardieu have formed a close-knit couple. Together since 2010, the lovebirds have two children: Billy, 10, and Alfred, 9. A family life on which the actress and daughter of Gérard Depardieu had agreed to confide in the columns of Paris Match, last January. “Our love is mysterious. I never thought it would fall on me. Besides, I didn’t want children, the idea scared me. I didn’t think I was made for family life”, said the star of the series of France 3 Alexandra Ehle.

Almost a year later, it was Philippe Katerine who indulged in some confidences about his family. Guest of the show There is only one life in the life on Europe 1 on Saturday, December 25, the actor and singer spoke rarely of his relationship with his famous father-in-law. The opportunity to discover that the discussions between Gérard Depardieu and his son-in-law essentially revolve around the same subject. “It still revolves a lot around what you’re going to eat. You never stray too far from food,” reveals the interpreter of Luxor I Love. And to praise the cooking skills of his step-dad: “He cooks very well, he has it in his skin, and I can tell you that everything is polished. The dishes are done by hand. As soon as it’s finished , everything is clean, there is no need to go back to it. “

Close to Gérard Depardieu, whom he also shot in one of his music videos, Philippe Katerine is full of praise for him. “He’s a totally amazing being. There are actors like that who are artists, who make you see life differently, life like you’ve never seen it. And that’s all the same. high quality, “says the 53-year-old artist, who has found a funny trick to calm his father-in-law when the latter gets carried away. As he would with a child, Philippe Katerine gives a blank sheet and pencils to the one he nicknames “Pépé” to draw. “It’s an excessive drawing, a thick drawing, very swirling, but I see it is very good when he draws because you come to a descent.”

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