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Montpellier tumbles this Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. in Gentilly, a juggernaut of the Starligue championship for Grand Nancy Métropole Handball. After Saint-Raphaël, Aix, Nantes, the waltz of big customers continues with the arrival of Hérault residents whom the people of Nancy intend to annoy.

The calendar is far from having spoiled the Grand Nancy Métropole Handball (GNMHB) at the start of the season. By already crossing swords against Saint-Raphaël, Aix, Nantes, the GNMHB has not finished with the big fish of the Starligue championship with the arrival this Sunday afternoon of the training from Montpellier to Gentilly (3:00 p.m.). Nancy in a relegation position in the standings remains on a heavy defeat in Nantes (37-28) aims to foil the Héraultais. Pierre Marche, the pivot of Nancy, confirms it at the microphone France Bleu Lorraine of Laurent Pilloni.

After having faced the Federal Center and Mulhouse, the volleyball players from Vandoeuvre have a third match in a week this Saturday at Marcq-en-Barœul (7:30 p.m.). Despite the defeat against the Mulhousiennes (1-3), the VNVB showed good dispositions that must be confirmed in the North.

The heavy defeat of Grand Nancy Métropole Handball on Friday night in Nantes, 37-28, has an air of déjà vu. Faced with a Nantes team cut out for the Champions League, the Nancéiens “tasted” as in Créteil and against Aix, after leaving certain fundamentals in the locker room.

Patrick Venturini president of the VNVB: “In women’s volleyball, your ranking corresponds to your budget”

With a limited payroll, the VNVB has settled down in League A. miracles do not exist in women’s volleyball.

A big defense and a very precious Obrad Ivezic in the goals, this is how the Grand Nancy Métropole Handball returned Cesson-Rennes this Thursday to Gentilly (27-25). Led to the break, Nancy then put on combat gear, an attitude essential to ensure maintenance according to Yann Ducreux.

The victory on Tuesday of the vandoperian volleyball players against the vice-champions of France, Béziers, (3-0) is a positive signal for the future. In addition to the raw result, the satisfaction comes above all from the attitude and state of mind that emerges from this group like the new sharp, Shainah Jospeh.

The Starligue apprenticeship continues for Grand Nancy Métropole Handball. Beaten by Saint-Raphaël on Friday (27-32) Nancy nevertheless showed a conquering face but narrowly missed at key moments of the match.

League A: “Objective between fifth and seventh place”, Patrick Venturini, president of the VNVB

The VNVB dear to President Patrick Venturini is on the cusp of its seventh season in Women’s A League volleyball. Together with Grand Nancy Métropole Handball, the VNVB will be the only Nancy club to play at the highest level. For the boss of the VNVB, the goal is to finish between 5th and 7th place.

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