First line-up of the season for Stade Rochelais, which will field a rookie on the field and another on the bench, this Sunday evening, September 5 (9:05 p.m.), facing Stade Toulousain: Pierre Popelin, arrived from Vannes , will be established in the back; Eneriko Buliruarua, rookie from Brive, will be a replacement. The maritime bench will only include two three-quarters, the former CAB and Jules Le Bail, who had passed the decisive penalty to avoid the dam at the end last season and will cover both positions of the hinge.

In front, Dany Priso is preferred to Reda Wardi on the left in the front row and Grà © gory Alldritt to Romain Sazy as captain. The hinge will be made up of Thomas Berjon and Jules Plisson, while Martin Alonso will have his chance on the wing. Jules Favre, interesting in the spring and especially in the Top 14 final, will be associated with Raymond Rhule in the center.

On the Toulouse side, Mauvaka and Flament will start the match, when the usual captain Julien Marchand and Richie Arnold are substitutes. Miquel is in 8, Ramos in 15, Mà © dard à lâ ???? aile, and the champion of France and Europe will also naturally count on his association Dupont – Ntamack.

La Rochelle The team: Popelin – Leyds, Rhule, Favre, Alonso – (o) Plisson, (m) Berjon – Gourdon, Alldritt (cap), Liebenberg – Skelton, Sazy – Atonio, Bourgarit, Priso. The replacements: Lagrange, Wardi, Tanguy, Lavault, Bourdeau, Le Bail, Buliruarua, Herrera.

Toulouse The team: Ramos – Lebel, Tauzin, Holmes, Mà © dard – (o) Ntamack, (m) Dupont – Placines, Miquel, Cros – Ro. Arnold, Flament – Aldegheri, Mauvaka, Baille. Alternates: J. Marchand, Neti, Ri. Arnold, Youyoutte, Tolofua, Balès, Nanaï-Williams, Tafili.

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