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Justice Minister Menardo I. Guevarra said any violent attack on a Filipino journalist was immediately investigated by state law enforcement agencies.

“The AO (Administrative Order) No. 1 established Media Security Task Force has done its job diligently and helped prosecute many cases of media violence, ”Guevarra said.

Guevarra’s comment was asked by DOJ journalists after the US-based committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) published its Global Impunity Index and ranked the Philippines as the seventh most dangerous country for journalists.

Guevarra said Filipino journalists “will be able to tell if their lives are in danger if they are exercise their profession “.

He said that the persecution of Filipino journalists for defamation should not be viewed as a government attack on the media.

” It is not uncommon for journalists around the world to face up to court To deal with defamation cases “, he emphasized.

” These legal steps (for defamation) are mostly taken by private individuals who believe their reputation has been tainted, “he said.

The Global Impunity Index is led by Somalia, followed by Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh and India.

CPJ stated that the Global Impunity Index “calculates the number of unsolved journalist murders as a percentage of the population of each country”.

“For this index, CPJ examined journalist murders that occurred between September 1, 2011 and held on August 31, 2021 and remained unsolved, “it said.

” Only the nations with five or more unsolved cases are included in the index, “he added.

The list showed that it was on in the Philippines, with a population of 109.6 million, there are 13 unsolved murders of journalists.

CPJ defines murder as “the willful killing of a specific journalist in retaliation for the victim’s work.”

“This index does not include cases of journalists who fight or he was killed in dangerous operations, such as reporting protests that turn violent, ”he added.