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Should he run for president, Senator Richard Gordon said , He would elect a “Public Health Person” to be his Vice President.

“I am looking for a Public Health Person. We have to get out of COVID [-19]. And I need someone other than my health minister and someone other than Congress to make sure someone is on the ball papaano tayo lalabas sa pandemic (how to get out of the pandemic), ”Gordon shared in an online press conference. known Senate reporter Tuesday, August 24.

“You will oversee the Minister of Health. You will oversee and recommend kung ano ang gagawin natin sa (what we do with) COVID [-19]. Public health is a concern, ”he insisted.

While he has yet to decide whether or not to run for a presidential run in 2022, Gordon said he is already speaking to“ some people ”who will be running as his runner-up could.

“I’m just going to say he has to have public health experience because that’s a problem,” he said.

Aside from a health practitioner, Gordon said he’s also considering one Reaching out to Vice Presidents with an educational background and people with a “good track record.” “Sure, someone who can help, [who] is not being treated like a vase of flowers.” Someone who is relevant, ”he said.

On Tuesday he claimed he was“ keeping his options open ”, adding that he may also run for re-election in the Senate, or return as mayor of Olongapo Could retire.