Search giant Google recently revealed the information it appends to search results to show its users why they are getting the website recommendations, including “matching keywords” and “related terms” as well as other pages that are nearby.

According to Mashable India, Google recently revealed the information behind this search algorithm in the hopes that displaying this information will ultimately lead to better results for users. The panel also provides tips for improving search, such as: B. suggesting more precise terms or recommending that certain groups of words be put in quotation marks.

When a user starts a Google search, the results displayed are displayed in the upper right corner of the Google page with three vertical dots. Clicking on the three dots takes a user to the “About This Result” section, where the search information is saved.

Google originally launched the About This Findings panel in February, but the information it contained was much more economical. It showed a Wikipedia highlight about the source of the website that said whether the result was certain and highlighted whether the result was an organic search or a paid advertisement.

Despite the previously smaller size of the panel, Google emailed Mashable India that the panels had been used “over 100 million times”. The company also noted that “our early data suggests that people are more likely to consult these bodies when looking for important information such as health,” and “given the COVID crisis and the spread of misinformation about COVID vaccines is encouraging ”.

The search algorithm of the world’s most popular source of information is certainly complex to understand, and according to Mashable India, with the advances made by Google in machine learning to display results for increasingly nuanced queries, it only becomes more difficult for a non-tech-savvy user to understand > Oops! It looks like you’ve exceeded the limit to bookmark the image. Remove some to bookmark this image.

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