Prior to the DCEU, Superman was treated to several film adaptations. It must be said that with Batman, the superhero is the face of the DC Comics publisher. Among the character’s major performers, the oldest (or movie buffs of yesteryear) remember Christopher Reeve. The latter played Superman in Richard Donner’s eponymous 1978 film, one of the first blockbusters in Seventh Art history, produced by Warner. The man then reprized this iconic role in three sequels.

Sadly, in 1994, Christopher Reeve was left disabled for life from a horse riding accident and passed away at the age of 52 on October 10, 2004, from a heart attack. And as the actor would have celebrated his 69th birthday on September 25, Google is paying tribute to him with his new Doodle.

Internet users will have the opportunity to discover a drawing paying tribute to Christopher Reeve, visible below.

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After a career marked by his role as Superman, Christopher Reeve saw his life turned upside down by a horse accident. The actor fought for the cause of people with disabilities until his death and Google honors him on his 69th birthday.

Google explains in a note that Christopher Reeve has “raised awareness of disability issues and dedicated his life to making positive changes in the community.” The Mountain View firm talks about the actor’s efforts to sponsor bills that improve the lives of people with disabilities, including the 1999 legislation.

The Superman performer also supported government funding for stem cell research to “advance knowledge and treatment of health problems, including spinal cord injuries.”

Christopher Reeve’s family released a statement about the Doodle, thanking Google for honoring the actor’s memory on his 69th birthday. Those close to him explain that he was not just Superman but someone “brave and human after the accident that left him paralyzed, affecting many people around the world.”

Those close to the actor want to deliver “a message of hope and optimism” and recall that his fight is not over thanks to “the work of the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation”.

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