Dark mode for Google is now official. A new page of the help site shows how to activate this option: just click on “Settings” at the bottom right then go to “Search settings”. From there, you’ll find an “Appearance” section where you can choose between three modes: light, dark or automatic (which adapts to the settings of the OS).

If you can’t find the option, you’ll have to wait a little while: Google announces a release “over the next few weeks”. With us, some have had the option by being connected to their Google account or on the contrary by disconnecting. It is quite variable.

If you don’t see the option anywhere, a notification at the top of a search will alert you when the mode is deployed for you. The advantage of this is that it will be available regardless of browsers, and in the future on mobile (although it is not yet official). The function has been experimented with for some time by Google, with the first public testing starting in late 2020.

It doesn’t work if I’m in private mode 🕵️‍♂️ you have to reactivate it every time!
It’s still rubbish from Google when the site can detect if I’m in dark mode like with 9to5Mac for example!

Well it’s normal, if your choice is stored in your browser or in your Google account, launching private browsing mode gives you a blank session, so you end up with Google’s default setting, which must be a clear mode, and not the automatic selection, which is to be expected, since the feature is still being rolled out, Google is still testing it on a large scale.

No that’s not normal sorry 😣
If I go to: https://9to5mac.com/ for example and I am in dark mode on my Mac or iPhone it is done automatically but not Google which does not want to use the API which detects if the dark mode is activated.

Which, again, is normal: yes Google does not automatically use the system’s dark mode detection, as this is not Google’s default operation.
This is normal, since the dark mode feature at Google is being rolled out over several weeks, the default setting for users who do not yet benefit from it remains to have the same appearance as the previous version, namely the clear mode.

Hopefully yes, on Google’s support page auto mode is first in the list, which suggests that automatic mode will be the default mode for everyone in the long run. 🙂

It’s still amazing how long it takes especially for a box like gogole 😆

I agree, as a user I find it pretty crazy that it takes so long to deploy this feature, and it took them so long to develop it …
Even though I’m convinced they must have their reasons, it’s still surprising from the company that supplies Google Chrome 😝

What a delay compared to DuckDuckGo (and again, I’m only talking about that), where you can fully customize the interface.
All colored elements can be changed.
I set all the backgrounds to black (so no more shading to make the search results stand out) and set the text to white. It’s very clear that way, and when paired with the Turn Off the Lights beta expansion (which MacG mentioned), it really saves battery life! 😳
The difference is really visible!

And, again with DuckDuckGo, you can save your interface preferences and other settings in the cloud or as an html code that you can then import on all your devices, to have exactly the same settings everywhere.

A real pleasure to use. In fact, even changing the search language is much more convenient on DuckDuckGo than on Google.

I specify that I do not participate in DuckDuckGo. It’s really free advertising that I do 🤣

Same, I had used DuckDuckGo a few years ago but not convinced
It was the built-in dark mode that prompted me to reinstall it and finally be convinced
Even if sometimes for some specific searches Google remains better (just put! G in the search field to go to Google in 1 click), DuckDuckGo has improved a lot.

On the other hand for the translation I have the Google translation extension but activated only when I ask for it, I do not know if there is another one (well I use the Brave browser based on Chrome)

At first I just put DuckDuckGo on Brave and then on safari on my Mac
Then then I did the same with my iPhone and frankly I don’t feel any loss. That beneficial.

If you are using Safari to go to DuckDuckGo, you will soon have the translation, with iOS 15.
And it works great too 😉

Safari on iOS 14 already allows pages to be translated without having to go through Google, DuckDuckGo or other

Ah I don’t remember anymore, I’m already too used to iOS 15 🤦

Hmm, well hidden the option anyway … go through 3 menus before getting there! And I really don’t see how this is a “search parameter” …

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