Did you see ? Google delivery drones attacked by crows in Australia

ANIMALS During their nesting period, birds can be particularly aggressive towards potential predators

Nature struggles against technical progress. In Australia, Google had to temporarily interrupt its delivery tests by
drone because of … attacks by
crows. Birds attack flying devices and disrupt their flight.

The Wing delivery service, a subsidiary of Alphabet (the parent company of Google), has been testing for several months in Canberra (Australia) the
delivery of certain products by drone, explains ABC News Australia relayed by 01net. But that was without counting the birds, particularly territorial in the region, and who disrupt this service.

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Crows are particularly aggressive during their nesting period. Wing said he had therefore discontinued his delivery service and was currently working with bird watchers to minimize the impact of his drones on habitat and bird life around Canberra.

However, the company recalls that attacks are very rare. In addition, the drones are equipped with protections so as not to injure the birds in the event of an attack or collision. In place since 2019, drone delivery is currently used to deliver coffee, medicine or office supplies to customers. With the containment established in Australia, demand has been on the rise in recent months.

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