Freddie Highmore, the interpreter of Doctor Shaun Murphy, has just revealed in Télé 7 jours some secrets of season 4 of the Good Doctor series which promises to be very rich and arrives tonight on TF1.

The series developed by David Shore (who after Dr. House was not really hot to redo a medical series), Good Doctor returns this Wednesday, August 25 on TF1 for its 4th year. Particularly awaited by fans, this season is sure to confuse more than one. It must be said that the writers spared no effort to concoct unexpected twists. The interpreter of Doctor Shaun Murphy, actor Freddie Highmore, has therefore just granted Télé 7 jours a short interview in which he details them, by the menu.

Returning to the death of the character played by Nicolas Gonzalez (Neil Melendez) during the last season, Freddie Highmore reveals to our colleagues that it was a “very moving moment for the team”. Of course, he warns that his “little finger (him) says we’re going to see him again, somehow.” Information which is not really a surprise, however, since we know that the start of Season 4 will be the occasion of two returns. But unfortunately, we also know, that for Shaun and Lea, a personal tragedy is going to happen …

Fortunately, these departures will however be offset by the arrival of new residents, which will somewhat disturb the hero of Good Doctor: “Shaun has an incredible knowledge to pass on, but he will be forced to work on the human aspect: how to welcome these future doctors? How to comfort them in the failure? “.

Obviously, the kiss exchanged at the end of season 3 between Lea (Paige Spara) and Shaun is at the heart of the interview, especially since the latter will make him a shocking revelation that will upset him. But Freddie Highmore remains evasive about this relationship: “This new season will follow the budding love story between Shaun and Leah. The honeymoon will be short-lived, because after the first moments of happiness, the time will come to reflection. They will have to live their relationship in times of pandemic. “

One of the major information from this interview, therefore, is that there will be a lot of talk about the current pandemic in this season 4 of Good Doctor. And according to Freddie, this is not insignificant: “It’s a way of paying tribute to the real heroes of our daily lives. We pretend to be doctors for the small screen and this lure jumped out at us even more. during the pandemic “.

Moreover, he outbid: “It is a great pride to be able to embody a doctor”. But in addition to the tribute to the medical profession that resulted from it, the Covid epidemic will have another impact on this season 4, an impact that we probably did not see coming and which will certainly upset the balance of the series, or at least Shaun’s certainties. As Freddie Highmore explains: “He who always has the answer to everything, finds himself facing the unknown. He is going to have to learn at the pace of others.” We can’t wait to see it …

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