“Good Doctor” series returns to the background of a pandemic, but not for long

CORONAVIRUS Fiona Gubelmann, who plays the dreaded Dr Morgan Reznick, looks back on a season 4 marked by the pandemic, but which bet on optimism

Posted on 08/25/21 at 6:21 p.m.
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Dr Shaun Murphy puts the gown back on!
TF1 broadcasts this Wednesday at 9:05 pm the first two episodes of season 4 of The Good Doctor. And like everywhere in the world, at St. Bonaventure Hospital, what looked like a simple flu is about to cause panic …

“We had already had two episodes linked to a pandemic in season 2, with Shaun who finds himself in quarantine. To experience a pandemic two years later and to shoot episodes about it seemed surreal, confides Fiona Gubelmann, who plays the formidable Dr Morgan Reznick, during a round table organized during the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

And explained, “We have all felt immense respect and gratitude for all frontline caregivers. I think it was necessary for the series to pay tribute to those who risk their lives and sacrifice so much during this Covid pandemic. “

A role play which had a strong impact on the actors. “Just pretending, as an actor, to be in their situation was extremely stressful, embarrassing. It was rather unpleasant. I was very moved, and it was hard. It was a real struggle to play when you knew people were out there going through it for real. “

The actress also said she struggled to get back to the set. “The real challenge was to come back to work this season,” confesses the actress. And explained, “It was scary after spending seven months at home. At first it was a shock to go back, to be surrounded by many people, to take off my mask. I also felt very isolated and lonely too, because of the distances involved and because I couldn’t really hang out with my friends outside of work. Obviously, I’m grateful for the work, but it was a real challenge for me. “

Robots air fresheners, isolation of actors forced to remove the mask, PCR tests several times a week … Sanitary measures were very strict on the set of The Good Doctor. “In our little security bubble, we couldn’t ignore that we were working in the midst of a pandemic,” said the actress.

While the coronavirus is still a part of our lives, it will only be the subject of two episodes in fiction. David Shore gambles on optimism and imagines a post-Covid world. Each of the heroes is faced with his own personal issues. For Dr Morgan Reznick, she will have to face the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis posed in season 3: “We do not know if the damage caused to her hands is permanent or not, in season 4, we will see her struggle. She will have to come a long way, she will grow and evolve a lot, just like her relationships with the other characters. “

Dr Morgan Reznick is seen as an arrogant and competitive character who annoys other doctors. “It’s the first time I’ve played such a character and it wasn’t easy at first. I suffered because in my personal life it is very important for me to be loved. I remember in the first episode I kept apologizing for being rude to Antonia who plays Claire. She gently laughed at me, telling me that she knew he was the character. “

At first, the actress suffered in particular from comments from viewers who found her character unfriendly. “I didn’t like people to hate her, and then I realized that the less they liked her the more it meant that I was doing my job well. I changed my perspective and ended up taking all the negative comments as compliments. “

Yet the actress has grown to love the staunch Morgan. “He’s the smartest, most confident and determined character I have ever had the opportunity to play,” says the actress. “It’s interesting how people feel about a strong, confident and motivated female character. These are attributes that are praised when we see them in men, but in a woman, people tend not to like it, ”defends the one who announces changes in season 4, especially in the relationship with Dr. Alex Park . On the menu, more “banter and sarcasm” and a relationship where they become “closer”.

Will Yun Lee and Fiona Gubelmann had “a lot of comedy and jokes” to play. “As they get closer, you’ll see other aspects of these two characters that we haven’t had a chance to experience yet. And I think the public will enjoy getting to know them better, ”she concludes.


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