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General Motors is in Australia possibly a challenge as it seeks to convince its market there to switch to electric vehicles. The Brisbane Times notes that people refuse to sit in a Tesla that a miner turned activist is using to break down barriers around electric vehicles.

Despite being the loudest voice for electric vehicles and awareness, Tesla is kicking GM takes the lead as the clean vehicle ally in Australia. The company believes it can convince its markets in Australia and America to develop a new breed of driving skill: silence.

Tim Cooney, GM’s vice president for global public order, shared his thoughts during a briefing with international journalists with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. “Culturally, there is a romanticization of the gas vehicle between the United States and Australia, and that will be an adjustment that societies will make over time,” Cooney said.

“You will be able to do that for a few more years be getting that full-necked Camaro or Corvette Roar or a Chevy Silverado or something like that, but this change is coming. “

Cooney pointed out that the rise of electric vehicles is not just environmentally necessary, it is inevitable , as it is being committed by national and regional governments around the world and welcomed by the industry.

GM aims to make its fleet, operations and facilities carbon neutral by 2040. 30 electric models are expected to be available worldwide by 2025, and $ 27 billion will be invested in this vision. The challenge, however, is to convince the customer base to switch to electric vehicles.

Cooney very much hopes that many will be won over as they learn more about the capabilities of electric vehicles. Customers who want to travel longer distances can buy electric vehicles with larger batteries. Commuters who don’t need a larger battery have the option of purchasing an electric vehicle that also meets their needs.

Jack Hund, who launched GM’s new EV systems, said he believes that EVs could convince people with their silence. “For example, if you’re in the Hummer EV and go silently from zero to 60 [mph] in three seconds, that excitement will fuel the craze for the electric vehicle,” he told the Herald / Alter.

The Minister for Emission reduction, Angus, unfortunately doesn’t support electric vehicles too much. During the previous general election, the coalition told voters that the Labor Party was trying to “steal” people’s weekends by supporting the adoption of electric vehicles.

He shared his stance with the Brisbane Times. “I don’t drive an electric car,” he said. “I live in the NSW region and drive long distances every year – 60,000 or 70,000 kilometers. So I need something that can handle the tough roads and distances. “

In my opinion, this statement is well-established fear, uncertainty and doubt. After all, he quoted the distance per year without even acknowledging that many electric vehicles have a long range. Even in a gas vehicle, you will have to stop in several places throughout the year to get gasoline. It makes it sound like it only refuel once a year. He also neglects to point out that most charges can be done at home, can be done at work a lot, and charging stations can be placed anywhere.

The article also shared the stories of Dan Bleakley and his brother Tim who are working hard to combat FUD and electric vehicle skepticism in Australia. Dan is a retired engineer who worked in the coal and oil industry before becoming a climate activist. His brother Tim is a Tesla owner who let Dan borrow his car.

The two men produced videos to raise awareness of the experiences miners first had while accelerating a Tesla.

Bleakley noted that allowing a miner to experience a Tesla while driving from Melbourne to his hometown helped break down barriers that had built up over the years. Many of Dan’s friends didn’t like the fact that he is an activist. However, some were not convinced and refused to sit in the car, let alone test it.

Hailing from Louisiana, Johnna Crider likes lobsters, gemstones, minerals, electric vehicles and is committed to sustainability. Johnna also hosts, a jewelry maker and $ TSLA shareholder.

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