The former NSW leader is confronted with a series of tapes of wiretapped telephone conversations between her and the former Wagga MP the day after her investigation. Follow all evidence live

Fri 29.10.2021 01.02 BST

First published on Thu., Oct. 28, 2021, 22:27 BST

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Further recording excerpts are played. Maguire again laments the lack of funding for Wagga Hospital.

Maguire urges Berejiklian to give money to Tumut Hospital. She asks him not to start with this “junk” and says she gave him $ 170 million for Wagga Hospital.

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I’ve already got you Wagga Hospital … I just spoke to Dom [Dominic Perrottet] and said, “Just put the $ 140 into the budget.” He says, “Don’t worry.” He does what I ask of him.

Maguire says, “We’re going to fucking lose Wagga” and there is nothing to defend the seat.

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Icac plays a replay of a phone call that afternoon on which the texts were sent (in May 2018 for those who play at home).

Daryl Maguire complains during his conversation with the Treasury about a lack of money for Wagga Wagga in the budget.

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Robertson asks if Maguire was placed in a privileged position when he asked for help with certain projects? Berejiklian says it wasn’t him:

She is led to another text exchange with Maguire, in which he complained in 2018, long before the by-election in Wagga Wagga caused by his resignation, that his electorate lacked funds for schools and hospitals. He also complained about “no line items”.

I took this as his frustration with these matters and assumed he would pursue these matters with the Minister of Health and the Treasurer.

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Would Maguire talk to her about “roadblocks” and other issues with projects he was campaigning for?

Berejiklian says she is concerned that Robertson is “distorting” the fact that all colleagues have access to her and got involved in projects.

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She denies that he had more access to her than other backbenchers or parliamentary secretaries.

Robertson jumps on the tongue. He asks whether Berejiklian is seriously suggesting that Maguire be endorsed “just like” other colleagues.

What I want to tell you, Mr Robertson, is that every colleague has a different style and a different way of advocating … and surely all of my colleagues would feel they have access to me.

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During this questioning, Berejiklian was also asked whether Maguire had received a key to her house. She said it was him.

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As you have seen, Scott Robertson spent time grilling Gladys Berejiklian, whether she saw Daryl Maguire as part of her “family”. She repeatedly denied that she considered him “legally a family”, which led Robertson to ask her at some point to “let the lawyers take care of the law”.

She said she had “very strong feelings” for Maguire, but “not in the sense that there was a significant explanation”.

This has led Commissioner Ruth McColl AO to ask her to stick to the answers to the questions and “not to make speeches” twice so far.

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The request has been postponed due to a technical problem with the live stream. It seems that the stream is not available for some people.

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Gladys Berejiklian was asked if, in her opinion, an essential aspect of public trust in the government is that public money is spent in the public interest.

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Berejiklian is pressured to specify the nature of her relationship with Maguire. She accepts that she sees him as family, but in a different way than her mother or sisters:

Although I put this from an emotional perspective and for someone I was emotionally strong, I wouldn’t have him in my opinion placed in the same category as my family or sisters.

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No, I did not consider him a member of my family. I had strong feelings for him.

I don’t want to diminish the strength of the feelings I had for him … I had very strong feelings for him. But I didn’t feel like the relationship was ready for me to introduce him to my parents or sisters.