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On the show Rothen Burns, Yacine Adli spoke about his feelings about the changes the new management has made at the club.

The Girondins playmaker says that while we have to be patient when it comes to the positive results, the atmosphere at the club has changed dramatically:

“My feelings are the same as Christophe Dugarry’s. I arrived two and a half years ago, so I got to know management under GACP / KS, then under KS alone. It was not easy for the club. . We are coming out of two years of hardship during which it was very complicated sportingly and extra sportingly. I think the club has regained stability. We feel that people are much happier, whether it is the employees, the supporters, the players. We have to move forward and in this direction, to find this giant that is the FCGB. It will take time. Since I’ve been here, we have been constantly working on a new project every year. said season after season that we were going to change things, but this is different. We feel a real change that we are all happy with. Last year, at the end of the season when it was complicated, we were all for the sacred union. We now feel that we have it from the start of the season and we feel much stronger. […] We have found a little serenity you. Afterwards, it is true that this start of the season was also special because we are still in the process of renewal. The results are not necessarily there. On the other hand, we really feel something positive. […] We’re trying to put last year aside. There have been a lot of roster changes from last year. We are really still in a renewal, in a reconstruction. We all know each other a little more, players and men. We try to move forward. This truce allowed us to gain another week. Now we are a month and a half away from the next truce. We will have to take points. We played complicated teams. Here we are going to say that we are going to play teams that are in our championship. Now is the time to take points and move forward. “ is an information site that relays all of
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