Since Thursday, June 17, 2021, violent thunderstorms and heavy rains have fallen in Gironde. Houses are flooded in Paillet and Latresne, roads are blocked …

After the episode of violent storms and heavy rains on Thursday, June 17, 2021, part of the Gironde suffered a difficult awakening on Friday, June 18, 2021. Homes were flooded on the Paillet side, roads were blocked at Cénac and Lignan and traffic remains difficult near Sallebœuf, or even Saint-Gervais. A night evacuation of 70 people even took place in Latresne, near Langoiran.

In Paillet, the Sainte-Catherine district is strongly impacted by the intense rains this morning. One of the inhabitants, who has lived there for 40 years, testifies:

“We were affected by big floods in the summer of 2014. Seven years later, we are reliving the same thing. And I do not mention the number of times we came close to it. In 7 years, we will have lived the anguish more than once. The situation becomes untenable. We cannot continue to live in anguish at each alert or big storm. “

If the ditches overflow between Capian and Paillet, water is even starting to enter the houses after the Pailleton on the spot.

Technical officers from the Department were busy rehabilitating the roads for much of the night. This morning, four roads are closed: the RD115 (Cénac-Lignan) with the establishment of a diversion for a flooded roadway, the RD13 in Sallebœuf due to a collapse of an embankment, a tree on the road, the RD 115 (between Lignan and Sadirac), and finally, RD 13 in Sallebœuf.

In Latresne, near Langoiran, the city has been mobilizing since that night. The La Seleyre sector is devastated with around thirty residents affected. According to information from the municipality, 70 people were received at the town hall overnight. The majority were evacuated by the nautical fire brigade. The houses are still inaccessible.
The town of Latresne details:

“A joint fire brigade, police station and town hall crisis control unit ran all night and is still active to coordinate the remaining interventions and evacuations.”

The cleaning must take place during the day near Saint-Selve, Léognan, Saint-Morillon, Saint-Pierre-de-Bat, Latresne, Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud, Madirac. We also note the presence of a telecom pole on the Chaussée d’Illats at the level of the RD 118. = [“rape”, “habitat”, “naked”, “foot”, “houses “,” wine “,” facebook “,” firemen “,” PC “,” weapon “,” tower “];

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