The city of Dunhuang, located in northern China, was submerged by a powerful sandstorm. The images are impressive.

The elements are raging right now. A few days after suffering from torrential rains, China was again struck by a major weather event: a titanic sandstorm.

At 3 a.m. local time on Sunday, a sandstorm swept over Dunhuang, a city in northern China. Known for its caves (the Mogao Caves), the city was covered to such an extent that visibility was impossible beyond 5 meters.

Given the situation, roads had to be closed and the police were mobilized to help motorists navigate this mashed peas … which is reminiscent of a certain scene from Mad Max: Fury Road!

Filmed by media and individuals, the images and videos help to measure the power of this meteorological phenomenon.

WATCH: A massive sandstorm as high as 328 feet engulfed Dunhuang City in northwestern China on Sunday.

The wave was estimated to be around 100 meters high; and indeed, the buildings that were affected seemed very tiny in the face of this force of nature.

According to the South China Morning Post, sandstorms are common near the Gobi Desert, but they don’t usually occur in summer. This anomaly would therefore be an umpteenth consequence of global warming.

Between torrential rains in Henan, massive fires in California and flooding in Europe, it seems Earth is trying to send us a coded message …