After winning the NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks and earning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, Antetokounmpo also wins in his entrepreneurial portfolio.

The Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball (MLB ) announced that the NBA MVP has acquired a stake in the ball club.

Brewers chairman and main owner Mark Attanasio introduced the Milwaukee Bucks superstar as a new member of the team’s ownership group at a press conference last week. The announcement was made at the American Family Field.

“The city of Milwaukee means so much to me,” said Antetokounmpo. “I am honored to join the Brewers Ownership Group to further my commitment and dedication to this great community. I’m very proud of my city and looking forward to what we can build together. ”

The two-time MVP is officially part of the Milwaukee Brewers Ownership Team. Thank you Giannis for your dedication to our team and Milwaukee! @ Giannis_An34 | #ThisIsMyCrew

With the acquisition of a stake in Milwaukee Brewers, Antetokounmpo becomes the first new individual investor to join the Brewers ownership group since Attanasio acquired a majority stake in Brewers in 2005.

“We are honored to have Giannis join our team of Milwaukee Brewers investors,” said Attanasio. “Giannis is a great athlete, a world champion and a real local hero with an international reputation.” shopped into an MLB team. Last July, after winning the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes became a partner in the Kansas City Royals.

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