The co-chair of the party, appointed Monday to run for the succession of Angela Merkel, intends to embody a message of rupture.

First Greens candidate, first mother to run and youngest general election candidate in German history, Annalena Baerbock , 40 years old, ticks all the boxes to embody the breakup. Â € œDer Aufbruchâ €, a word repeated many times, that its approach, an allegory of the â € œthe world afterâ €, is supposed to embody through a setting in scene set with a chalk line. During the official announcement Monday morning, the other contender, Robert Habeck, stepped aside for his benefit. “She knows what she wants!” He commented. Final formality: the decision taken in a small circle will have to be validated in June by a party congress.

A handsome player, the philosopher writer with the eternal three-day beard did not hesitate to point out: “We are the party where it is.” ? we hold out our hand when others are having a hard time with each other. ”Reference to the prolonged standoff between CDU and CSU leaders, Armin Laschet and Markus Söder, to land the label of the conservative camp. The Greens have this time chosen their candidate “happily and sovereignly”, according to Habeck. Like a negative image of the chaotic history of the post-sixty-eight movement, now metamorphosed into a serious and disciplined apparatus.

The real innovation in the political offer represented by Annalena Baerbock is due to the real chances of the Greens, stabilized in second place in the polls, of winning the chancellery at the end of September. A prognosis formulated by Michael Lühmann, researcher at the Institute for Research on Democracy in Göttingen: â € œItâ € ™ sa strategic choice against candidates from other parties. She is certainly a young woman, but if the Greens trust her so much, it is because she has the best chance of winning them. She is precise, hardworking, and her expertise on just about any issue, not just the weather, is recognized beyond her party. Internally, she has succeeded in organizing and pacifying the party that she has co-led for three years, in tandem with Habeck. “

To achieve this, this duo belonging to the “realistic” current of the party took up proposals from the left wing. The introduction of a tax on large fortunes constitutes one of the pillars of the program, based on an investment plan of 50 billion euros per year for the program. ???? education, personal care, digital technology, and of course green energiesâ ?? ¦ Having placed ???? Europe at the center of? a project that she wants “collective”, the lawyer graduated in international law is virtuous to beat up its weak points during her first speech of candidate. “Yes, I have never been Chancellor, nor even Minister. My candidacy is that of change. I leave the status quo to others. I am convinced that this country needs a new start to get through this new decade full of challenges. ”“ I am not too old, nor too young, ”argued again The mother of two little girls, anxious to position herself at the center of the game. Her family resides in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, where she will face another head of the list, Olaf Scholz, of the Social Democratic Party and representing an age group that the “Annalena generation”, to use the Welt newspaper, intends to replace. At a minimum, the Green Party will be essential in future government negotiations.

the 04/20/2021 at 01:41

If Merkel brought in 1 million illegal immigrants in 2015, she will bring in 10!

the 04/20/2021 at 00:06

Yes 40 years almost like our president when he took office … We have seen the result … Ditto in countries where the leaders are too young and have no experience. So once but not twice. That she will come back in 20 years. We are not in a fashion show. We don’t want anything new. We want competent people.

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