Interviewed by Jordan de Luxe in her program L’instant de Luxe, Geneviève de Fontenay affirms it: Nathalie Marquay should not have been Miss France.

“And the Miss France 1987 is … (drum roll, trembling ankles, tear device in place) Miss Alsace”.

Here it is, it happened more or less like that in the 80s. Miss Alsace is a young brunette woman of 20, born in the North of France. Under the eyes of the late Zitrone and Guy Lux, France elected a certain Nathalie Marquay to represent the French woman. An era that smells of mothballs.

Since then, the young woman has made her way: sixth runner-up in the Miss World 1987 contest (anyway), and actress. And above all, to read her name displayed at the top of the tabloids, she is also Madame Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the former star presenter of the 13h of TF1.

Enter the Geneviève de Fontenay dance. The lady in the black hat celebrated her 89th birthday a few days ago. And if she could spend a quiet retirement in a remote mansion in the provinces of France (provinces so loved by Jean-Pierre himself), well it is not.

It must be said that Geneviève has a tough tooth. Especially since the coup d’état that the Miss France committee experienced (in 2010, a small dispute with Endemol excluded Geneviève de Fontenay from her “precious”, CQFD).

And so in this start of the 2021 school year, Geneviève de Fontenay, lifted like a cuckoo, left to throw in the last few truths that she has in her bag.

What? Basically it was a trainee who decided on the shining future of Miss Alsace? All this for a panic in full live television?

To believe the woman in the hat, it is the fate of Miss Reunion which has been ruined. We googled her name and it is Joëlle Ramyead, who became 1st runner-up in Miss France 1987. What became of Joëlle next? Google doesn’t tell us. In any case, she is not Mme Pernaut.

Here is. It is a short excerpt from the prose that Mme de Fontenay held during the program L’instant de Luxe. We slip you the words of Geneviève, cash:

A Miss battle by interposed media is perhaps looming? If this is the case, let’s rub our hands: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble !!!