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The additional increase in public spending by up to 3. £ 000 per person is a sign that Boris Johnson’s Tories are helping Scotland deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. New analysis by the Scottish Conservatives and Express. co. The UK reveals the UK government has spent a record £ 19 billion.

The party claims that Scotland is increasingly relying on the UK government to help tackle COVID-19.

More than 6 billion. GBP was spent on the Job Retention Scheme (Vacation) and Self-Employed Income Support Scheme to save nearly a million jobs and support Scottish businesses during the pandemic.

Approximately £ 580 million went to welfare systems, including increases in tax credits and universal credit, while helping small and medium-sized businesses with £ 3 billion to weather the various lockdowns.

Financing is in addition to the £ 8. 2 billion in Barnett episodes paid to the Scottish Government since the pandemic began.

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Divided by the 19 billion. GBP in funding shows that the UK Government is giving up to £ 3 to every man, woman and child in Scotland. Could provide £ 000 to fight COVID-19 this year.

Stephen Barclay, Chief Secretary of the Treasury, announced up to $ 800 million in funding for decentralized administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. GBP guaranteed.

This means Westminster is handing out an additional £ 400 million for the SNP-led Scottish government, £ 200 million for the Labor-led Welsh government and £ 200 million for the Northern Irish executive.

In a statement, Barclay said: “We have already given unprecedented support to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“This additional funding will give nations the security they need to plan these difficult months.

“We remain committed to economic recovery across the UK and will continue to work closely with local governments to support people and businesses. ”

The funding boost comes as income tax paid in Scotland is expected to fall by more than £ 6. 2 billion in the next four years, according to the Budgetary Responsibility Office (OBR)

Dean Lockhart, spokesman for the Scottish Conservative Shadow Constitution, said: “The billions in support given by the UK government during the pandemic in Scotland have massively changed Scots across the country.

“It has been spent on a variety of programs to protect jobs, support local businesses, and the neediest in society during these extremely challenging times.

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“The economic and other benefits of Scotland as part of the United Kingdom have never been more evident.

“The new corporate grants announced by Kate Forbes this month won’t be available until 2021, causing trouble for countless local businesses, restaurants and hotels over the Christmas and New Year season. ”

More than 79. 000 companies in Scotland have also benefited from UK government loan programs worth over £ 2. 9 billion and 930. 000 jobs were supported under the vacation program.

In response, Alison Thewliss MP, the SNP’s shadow chancellor, told Express. co. uk: “The Tories never seem to mention that the people of Scotland also pay taxes to the UK treasury – and this support from the UK government is welcome, but they are simply using the Scottish Parliament’s lending powers. ”

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