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Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah tested positive for the COVID-19 virus while on international service with Egypt.

This news comes after both Thiago and Sadio Mane tested positive for the virus earlier this season..

Salah was outside the Egypt squad before the African Nations Cup qualifiers against Togo. It was revealed that despite testing positive for the virus, the player is currently showing no symptoms.

The Egyptian Football Association issued a statement via its official Twitter account on Friday to confirm the news:

“The medical smear showed . . . Our international player, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, was infected with the Corona virus, after he tested positive. .

“Although he does not have any symptoms. While the rest of the team was passive.

Before the international break, Jürgen Klopp spoke of his concern that players would be at risk of contracting the virus while traveling with their national teams..

“I don’t want to appear disrespectful about how other countries do this. But this is where we know it and we know how to deal with it.

“So I am slightly concerned because it is difficult to communicate with all the football federations around the world.

“I understand that, and I really understand how difficult the situation is. But it’s not quite perfect, info we get from some FAs.

“As a football club, you are very lonely in these moments, we send players away and then we face another challenge because we have to play a Premier League match on Saturday after they fly from, possibly from Peru, Thursday or Friday.

“You have to make sure you get the players home in the fastest and safest way, then we have to see how they are before we try to get a result on Saturday.”.

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool F.. C. Coronavirus, Egypt

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