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Scott McTominay impressed with Scottish support once again with latest Manchester United bid.

The midfielder was so enthusiastic in Steve Clark’s defense that the nation secured its first place in the tournament in 22 years. The Manchester United midfielder stepped up to take a pressure penalty.

He scored brilliantly when Scotland won 5-4 on penalties, after a 1-1 draw with Serbia, and secured a place in the European Championship 2020 and the country’s first major tournament since 1998..

Only one foul can be identified, as Maktominay lost his leg in the penalty area as Serbia sent him into overtime with a header in the 89th minute.. But it just didn’t matter, Scotland did it the hard way to get over it.

Manchester United’s McTominay is the heart of Clark’s defense, despite being a fighting midfielder on the domestic scene.. He’s been excellent in the last three international camps.

They have been criticized by a lot of people, myself included, but McBurney and McTominay deserve big credit for their penalties last night.. Spacehoppers for Cahonas! ⚽️ ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 # EURO2020 # Scotland

Calling it over and over about 3 years ago mctominay would be a force in that Scottish team

Tonight was for me the best performance I have ever seen in Scotland. There is no single player subject to criticism.

I thought this was CalMac’s best match for Scotland. Wonderful embankments of new and excellent glaggers. And what about the fired stones on McBurney (always criticizing), McTominay (mis-goal) and Griffiths (he didn’t have a kick) hitting pens ?!

One recent tweet (maybe) about #Scotland . . . What about those five first-degree punishments carried out by Griffiths, MacGregor, McTominay, McBurney and McLean? . . . This is a wonderful counter by David Marshall!

Well made in Scotland & McTominay. Big balls take a penalty kick after a goal foul. Real personality.

It was excellent all night long but was switched off for a moment and you could have got really filthy.

Huge group of balls continues to climb and score a decisive penalty. The pic mentality. Twitter. com / Aqs64BpMav

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Scott McTominay

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